What to Look for in a Puffer Jacket

It’s that time of year when you need to think about your winter wardrobe, and the most important item you are going to need is a versatile and stylish jacket.

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Lyle & Scott jackets offer puffer jackets that are not only stylish and warm but also very versatile. Puffa jackets come in a wide range of colours and fits and are timeless, meaning that once you have found the puffa for you, you will be wearing it again and again for many winters to come.

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Puffa jackets are also sometimes known as quilted jackets. This is because they are filled with fibres and the thickness and weight of these fibres determines the warmth they offer, as with a quilt. One of the main attractions of a puffa jacket is that they are lightweight and so easy to wear but also great and keeping out the cold. Puffa jackets are available in a range of styles suitable for every occasion, and if you are looking for the ultimate in fashion and design, consider the range of Lyle & Scott jackets this season.


Puffa jackets are made with either down or synthetic fibres. Both fillings will keep your warm, but if you are looking for something to wear in very cold conditions, the down-filled puffa tends to perform better. However, there are many very good alternatives available. There is already a cold snap predicted for this winter, so make sure you are prepared and don’t leave buying your jacket too late.

Stitching and Style

If you are wanting style as well as performance, consider one of the Lyle & Scot jackets and find the best design that is suited to you, your body shape and also your lifestyle. Consider if you want an everyday jacket for work or simply going about your day. Or are you looking for something for a specific purpose or do you want something flattering that you can also wear out?

The most common type of stitching for a puffa jacket is either a diamond or geometric shape. The size of the shape differs depending on the fit, and just because a puffa jacket appears big on the outside, this doesn’t necessarily mean it is unflattering. If you choose the right design for you, you will look stylish and keep warm all winter.

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