Can I Take A Bath During Pregnancy?

Can I Take A Bath During Pregnancy?

Having become pregnant, any sensible woman will do everything to make a healthy and beautiful baby. Especially anxious ladies will not be able to take an extra step without the permission of the doctor. They will certainly take an interest in what is possible and what cannot be done during pregnancy. And one of these topics is dedicated to our article. In it, we will discuss the actual question for many: is it possible to take a bath during pregnancy and can it threaten the health of the unborn child? The answer is very ambiguous, so carefully read the text.

Can I Take A Bath During Pregnancy?

Infection of the fetus through water: truth or myth

Fear # 1 associated with the bathroom during pregnancy is that an infection can get to the baby. The logic is quite clear: some of the water invariably penetrates the vagina, so many expectant mothers are concerned that some kind of infection will get to their child. But this is just a myth. A mucus plug that covers the cervix simply prevents water from getting to the fetus, and therefore all fears are in vain. For this reason, you can safely take a bath during pregnancy and not think about sores.

Can I Take A Bath During Pregnancy?

Miscarriage or premature labor due to the bath: is it possible?

Can I take a bath during pregnancy? After all, if you believe the rumors, it can provoke a miscarriage or premature birth. Yes, this really is the place to be. Bathing can lead to a pressure jump, causing miscarriage or premature labor, but this applies only to hot water. If you swim at an acceptable temperature, it is unlikely to cause you any harm. But the benefits of lying in a warm sea bath.

What is a useful bath during pregnancy

To wash in the bathroom during pregnancy is not only possible but necessary. If you regularly lie in warm water, then only help your body cope with the situation. It is believed that regular swimming:

  • relieves fatigue and stress;
  • causes a little sleepiness and helps sleep better;
  • removes puffiness;
  • reduces the load on the back and legs;
  • stimulates blood circulation;
  • reduces pressure on the vessels in the abdomen;
  • relieves anxiety and uplifting.

Naturally, everything is individual. If you have certain health problems, ask your doctor if you can sit in the bathroom during pregnancy. Perhaps the doctor will advise confining to taking a shower.

Can I Take A Bath During Pregnancy?

What you need to know before getting into the water

So, if you are determined to take a bath during pregnancy, you should observe some precautions:

  • Do not lie in too hot water. Her temperature should be no more than 36-37 degrees, otherwise, you risk provoking a miscarriage or premature birth, as mentioned above.
  • Make sure there is someone other than you in the house. Pregnancy is an unpredictable state. At any moment, your blood pressure may jump, your head will spin, it will start to nausea and so on. It is important that you can call someone to help if you feel bad in the process of bathing.
  • Lay a rubber mat on the bottom of the tub. A bath during pregnancy is dangerous because you can slip and fall: in the later periods, this leads to very bad consequences. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you lay a rubber mat on the bottom to protect yourself.Can I Take A Bath During Pregnancy?
  • Do not take a bath during pregnancy, if there are contraindications. You can not climb into the water, if you have bloody discharge from the vagina, there is pain from the bottom of the abdomen, mucus plug has departed, amniotic fluid leakage has occurred or uterine bleeding is present.
  • Consult a doctor before using aromatic additives. Vegetable oils, decoctions of rosemary, cypress and thyme can be dangerous to the health of the unborn child. Before taking a bath with different supplements, be sure to talk to your doctor and ask if you can do this in your case.

Can I Take A Bath During Pregnancy?

As you can see, the question “can I take a bath during pregnancy?” There is no definite answer. If you do not have contraindications and you feel normal, you can safely indulge yourself with a dip in warm water. We wish you to make a healthy baby and become a happy mom!

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