What Causes Testosterone Levels To Decrease In Men?

What causes testosterone levels to decrease in men? Well, the answer is quite simple – excessive androgenic hormone production. Excess androgenic hormone production is caused by excess testosterone hormone production in men. Men with DHT (dihydrotestosterone) and prostate cancer are the most common sufferers of this disease.

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So, what causes testosterone levels to decrease in men when there is an excess of androgens around? In most cases, the answer is – more androgens! Testosterone levels are increasing because of high levels of the androgens in the body and this results in the decrease of estrogen. This has several effects on the man: he becomes aggressive, feels younger and more vibrant, this also increases body fat and can develop a greater libido. Less testosterone has the opposite effect. It can also lead to hair loss. However this can be covered with the use of Scalp Micropigmentation London treatment centres such as https://hishairclinic.co.uk/scalp-micropigmentation-clinics/scalp-micropigmentation-london/ offer.

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So, if you want a healthy body you should avoid the above foods and go for a natural diet that consists of plenty of vegetables and fruits, which contain very low levels of androgens, and very low amounts of estrogen. This is one of the best known answers to what causes testosterone levels to decrease in men. The good news is, natural dietary changes are easier and safer than any other method of treatment. Go for a natural program that suits your body, and follow it faithfully for several months and see the results!

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