Why Joining a Local Knitting Club is good for a Healthy Mind, Soul and Body

There are plenty of local clubs to choose from in most areas of the United Kingdom, but the popularity of the Knitting Club has grown exponentially over the last few years. Getting together with a diverse group of men and women to chat, knit and share stories of families, friends, work commitments and holidays is fast becoming the most widely appreciated and enjoyed social event.  Men and women of all ages, ethnicities and abilities sharing a common passion for creating, beautiful woollen items whilst chatting and enjoying cups of tea, coffee and a slice or two of cake. Long since proven to be good for a Healthy Mind, Soul and Body, knitting is a wonderfully therapeutic past-time that improves mental and physical strength.

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Even absolute beginners can join in with the more seasoned knitters by purchasing a selection of affordable, Knitting Kits UK from a reputable company such as http://www.stitchandstory.com/collections/knitting-kits.  Containing everything you might need to begin your Knitting Club journey, including a pair of quality knitting needles, several balls of wool, an easy-to-follow pattern and a darning needle to sew up your finished items.

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Guiding each other through the more complex knitting patterns and helping each other when things are trickier than expected.  Sharing experiences and encouraging each other not just with the knitting but with difficult family issues and dilemmas with friends.

Author: Niru Taylor

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