8 ingenious furniture with recycled material that you can make yourself

furniture with recycled material

The furniture with recycled material is beautiful and very practical. With a small investment of time, you can create genuine works of art that will beautify your space. Using furniture with recycled material has several advantages. They are more economical, long-lasting and help the planet.

That’s why we encourage you to make such furniture. They are perfect to create rooms with personality, unique spaces, with little budget, and with much ingenuity. This furniture with the recycled material can even help to create modern and rustic rooms at the same time.

Today, due to the rise of the ecological and what is friendly to nature, objects with reusable materials has almost become a trend. Being part of this movement to create green furniture is to respect the environment and ensure a better future for our children. Apart from doing the planet a favor, we have fabulous furniture in our homes that, because they are made of discarded materials, become works of art that decorate our house.

Take note of this ingenious furniture that you can make with recycled material. In some cases, you may need help to perfect the work. You just have to be dedicated and invest some time.

Here we present 8 ingenious furniture with recycled material

1. Barrel-shaped living room table

furniture with recycled material

To make a beautiful living room table, you can use an empty barrel or cut it in half. For this, you can take it to the closest cabinetmaker. Sometimes the empty barrels include supports where they are stored to rest the content. These will be fundamental to help sustain it if we have chosen to cut it.

If you like, you can polish and paint the barrel of your favorite color, although it is possible that it looks much better with its original color. In this case, only pass one or two coats of sealer or varnish. Place the two supports and then the middle of the barrel. On this, place a thick wooden board.

2. Shutter tables

If you have old wooden windows that are no longer used, turn them into practical bedside tables. Remember to acquire legs that can support your weight. You can put these tables on the porch or in the hall to put decorations and memories. You also take advantage to learn these 8 tips for locating furniture in the kitchen.

3. Chairs and coffee table with tires

recycled material

Surely you will find endless ideas using vehicle tires. In this case, you can simply paint two wheels with your favorite color. Then stack them one on top of the other and place a sheet of glass on top of them. The rubber on the tires will help keep the glass in place without slipping.

4. Bathtub turned into furniture

Are you no longer going to use that bathtub because it’s so old? Do not throw it away Instead, send it to cut it in such a way that it looks like an armchair. Then you wash it and polish it well. Place a cushion and some pillows and you already have a piece of furniture with recycled material.

5. Furniture with wooden pallets

furniture with recycled material

When you see several stacked wooden pallets ready to pull, you can probably think of many ideas for furniture with recycled material. There are many things you can do with them, from decorations for your garden to stairs.

Stack two pallets to turn them into a beautiful little table to place on your porch or outside patio, or combine them to create armchairs or sofas.

6. A coat rack with old wood and cutlery

Get a piece of wood of any size and shape. In fact, the abstract design of the piece of wood gives it a touch of elegance. Polish the surface so it looks brighter. Then, place three folded cutlery to be the coat hanger hooks. It’s a great idea, do not you think?

7. Chair with bottle corks

recycled material

What do you think of this great idea with bottle corks? Of course, you must collect a huge amount of corks to make a chair or a table. The more you can get, the better, since the cork furniture is not as strong as the pallets or the empty barrel. If you prefer, you can make decorations in the form of small furniture to put on your table made with shutters.

8. Table with bicycle rims

Use those bicycle rims as legs for a table. Nail two metal frames on a wooden board. Then, you can weld four tires to this table to make it look great. Actually, it will be a great attraction to your house.

In fact, you can place the four wheels on a table that you already use to give it a vintage touch.

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