Easy home decorating ideas on a budget

Refreshing your home decor need not break the bank. So why not transform your home with these easy and affordable ideas which won’t cause a dent in your wallet?

Repaint your Furniture

A new coat of paint can work wonders, reinvigorating tired wooden kitchen chairs or an old chest of drawers. This simple and affordable makeover can add vibrant pops of colour, instantly transforming your home.

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Change your Handles

Tired of your kitchen cabinets but can’t afford to replace them? Simply updating knobs, handles and hardware will do the trick. Whether you prefer a Shaker kitchen or contemporary chic, you have plenty of stylish options. Add an affordable new tap for an instant and inexpensive update.

Craft New Accessories

A change of accessories is the fastest way to elevate tired decor. But did you know that you can also knit and crochet away your worries? If your faded home decor is getting you down, invest in crochet kits from an online specialist such as woolcouturecompany.com/collections/crochet-kits and craft fabulous throws, cushions and more to cheer up your home.

Create Thrifty Wall Art

Wall art doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Give inexpensive frames a coat of paint and frame up sumptuous wallpaper cuttings or fabric offcuts. No one will ever know they didn’t cost a fortune. And that collection of family photos? Reorganise them into a beautifully curated photo gallery wall for everyone to admire.

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Add Hanging Greenery

Plants are an effective way to breathe new life into any space. And if you take cuttings or grow from seed, they cost pennies. Invest in macrame hanging basket crochet kits to show them off to perfection.

Create a Focal Point

The feature wall is back, so go wild with bold and vibrant colour in your living room. Add a focal point with a large mirror to bounce light around the room and open up the space. Or buy an inexpensive canvas and get busy creating your own art. It’s an easy way to change the dynamic of a room and make it look like you’ve done a full-scale renovation.

Author: Niru Taylor

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