The Guide To Moving Into Your College Dorm

Moving into a college dorm is always exciting, especially as a freshman, but packing for it? Not so much. Since you will most probably be under constant stress for at least a few weeks before move-in day, it is easy to forget important things that you’ll need especially if it is your first time living outside of your parents’ house. You need to make your room feel welcoming and comfortable so that you’ll have a safe space where you can relax after a day full of classes and making friends. In this article, we’ll discuss some essential items to pack when moving into a college dorm that will help you feel more at ease during your transition to college life.

Kitchen supplies

As much as you hated cooking at home, when moving into a dorm you won’t really have a choice but to learn how to prepare yourself some nutritional and tasty meals. This is especially appropriate for those who are going to a college out of state and can’t visit their parents too often and enjoy their mom’s cooking. A pot and a pan are the two most important things that you’ll need to cook yourself a meal, and don’t forget to buy a set of kitchen utensils such as spatulas, spoons, and forks. A piece of advice from someone who lived in a college dorm for four years: get some less popular, but much needed kitchen supplies such as a can or a wine opener as this is something that everyone needs but no one has, so by borrowing these things you will become the most popular freshman in the campus and make friends easier.

Bedroom essentials

When moving into a college dorm for the first time, there are several bedroom essentials that you’ll need to bring to make your space feel comfortable and functional. First of all, no matter how comfortable the mattress in the dorm might seem, you will most likely need a topper or a pad if you want to have a truly relaxing sleep. The next thing is the sheets and we recommend getting at least two sets so that you can use one while the other one is in the laundry. Don’t go over the top when choosing them, as you will most likely throw them away when you’ll move back to your parents’ for the summer, so some basic ones from Target will do. A blanket, on the other hand, is something worth splurging on; we recommend getting a knit Irish blanket, since it will make your bed look more put together but also be of great use when the temperatures drop unexpectedly. To save some space in your luggage, you can get a blanket online and it will be delivered directly to your dorm. Finally, if you want your room to feel more boujee, an air purifier can be useful for circulating air and improving air quality especially if you are prone to allergies.

Desk necessities

Lastly, let’s not forget the true reason why you went to college in the first place, and it is to get an education. Apart from the weekend parties and nights out with friends, you will most likely need to spend a lot of time studying in your room, so make sure that it is perfectly equipped. A comfortable desk chair is the most important thing for preventing discomfort and maintaining a good posture even after your long study sessions. A desk lamp might also come in handy especially if you have a roommate whom you wouldn’t like to bother when you’re doing your assignments late at night. The last thing you need to do is to decide how exactly you’re planning on taking your notes so that you can get the right things: if you prefer to write on paper, then you’ll need some basic stationary like notebooks, pens, and highlighters, but if you like writing on an iPad or even typing your lectures on your laptop, then a laptop stand will make a good addition to your desk.

Author: Richard Brown

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