Ideas for making your windows more soundproof

If you live on a noisy street, you’re probably keen to find ways to make your indoor space more peaceful. The good news is, there are some easy steps you can take to make your windows more soundproof, and they needn’t be expensive either. Here are some tips to try.
1. Use acoustic caulk
This is a cheap solution that’s also easy to do yourself. Clean the window frame and pipe the caulk through its nozzle at a 45-degree angle, checking that you fill in any gaps that are letting in air. Use a spoon or knife to smooth over any ridges and let it dry. When air can no longer pass through holes, the sound will become muffled. Just remember to remove any old caulk before you add the new application.

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2. Add thick curtains
Heavy and lined curtains can help to cut the sound from outdoors by simply adding a thick and muffled surface layer. This is particularly useful in the colder months as it will keep your indoor space warmer too. You can also achieve similar results with thicker blinds, acoustic panels and window vinyl coverings, all of which provide an additional physical barrier against incoming sound.

3. Invest in double glazing
If you don’t yet have it, Gloucester double glazing from a company such as can greatly reduce incoming noise and greatly improve the insulation in your home as well.

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4. Add weatherstripping tape
Again, this is a cheap and ready solution that you can do yourself. Simply buy weatherstripping tape and cut it to size before applying it around the edges of your window frame. It will help to keep out condensation, cold air and noise.

Which steps will you try to make your windows more soundproof?

Author: Niru Taylor

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