One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 12: Release Date and Spoilers

One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 12

One Punch Man season 2 is nearing its end as the second last episode of season 2 was released yesterday and it’s safe to say it was amazing. I didn’t expect the second season of this series to be this good and it has clearly exceeded my expectations. One-Punch Man episode 11 was titled “The Varieties of Pride”. In this episode, we saw how desperately Death Gatling wanted to defeat Garou and demonstrate to the Hero Association that even Class A heroes can defeat the toughest opponents, but Garou had a completely different idea.

Garou defeated all the heroes one after the other and used these heroes to his advantage as he used them to defend himself and attack the rest of them. After Garou defeated all the heroes, Genos came as a backup for the defeated heroes. Genos went head-to-head against Garou and fought the wounded Garou on an equal footing and may have defeated Garou if the fight had continued. The monsters seemed to help Garou, but he did not want his help, and Genos himself defeated many monsters on the spot.

Then Bang and Bomb arrived. Bang is clearly looking forward to defeating Garou himself, while Bomb seeks to get rid of all the monsters.

So the penultimate episode of One Punch Man season 2, which is season 2 episode 12 or just One Punch Man episode 24 will feature this epic battle between a teacher and a student. The final season episode of One Punch Man is titled ” The Disciple’s Will .”

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One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 12One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 12

This episode will showcase one of the most epic battles in the One Punch Man anime so far. Bang and Bomb will corner Garou to the point that Garou will know that he cannot win this fight. Phoenix Man will arrive and take the wounded Garou to the Monster Association, while Elder Centipede will fight Bang, Bomb, and Genos. The trio will not be able to defeat the monster and in the end, King will appear.

Saitama will hide behind the King, who will launch a single blow to the Greater Centipede and destroy it completely. This is what will happen in the final episode and I’m sure more content from the manga will be adapted other than this one. Mention in the comment section below what your thoughts are regarding spoilers for One Punch Man episode 24.

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