Breaking down the meaning of “Search Engine Optimisation”

Let’s break down the meaning of “Search Engine Optimisation” or SEO for short, into the three powerful words that make up this simple phrase, that is becoming more widely recognised as the way forward for advertising and business growth.  The word SEARCH literally means, to look carefully or thoroughly into something in order to find out more about it.  An example of this might be, I had to use Google to SEARCH for somewhere to stay.  Figuratively speaking, the word ENGINE means something that can be used to bring about a specific result, an example of this could be, SEO is the main ENGINE of business growth. The word OPTIMISATION means a direct process or methodology of making something as functional, effective and perfect as possible.  An example of this might be, By using SEO your company will benefit hugely from the full Optimisation of your Brand identity.  A reputable, professional company such as specialist SEO Consultant Dublin are experts at using the complex algorithms, simple search terms, articles and ranking strategies that are read and graded by Google.

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Search Engine Optimisation is a powerful on-line marketing tool that can be cleverly used by an expert to propel a failing business into the spotlight of hundreds of potential customers.

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Using interesting articles incorporating simple, specific phrases, relevant images and image credits and a random authority link the SEO experts can ensure your company’s Brand Identity stands out from the crowd.

Author: Niru Taylor

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