Eight Benefits of a Carport

Your garage might be packed full to the brim: gym equipment, the kids’ bikes, and DIY tools. With all that going on in the garage, there is certainly no room for your car. Or you might not even have a garage on your home. That’s why a carport is a fantastic solution. Here we look at eight benefits a carport can bring to your property and your lifestyle.

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Safe from the Elements

A shelter over your car or motorbike means that it is protected from the worst of the elements. A carport protects your vehicle from UV damage – crucial if you have paid for a fabulous paint job.

Cheaper Than a Garage

If you don’t have a garage on your home, or space for one, a carport is great. Installing a garage is massive investment of both money and time. A carport creates the space for your vehicle but without the building stress.

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Quick to Install

Depending on your local authority and how big you want your carport to be, you might not need any planning permission. Whether you choose to DIY your new carport or call in the experts, your new addition can be up within a day or two.

Put Down the Ice Scraper

Winter mornings, shoving the snow off your car windshield – no one likes that. A carport keeps the snow off your car and where it belongs – in the garden for building snowmen.

Design Choice

Carports come in a range of materials, and you can even have a bespoke oak carport designed and built just for you. Companies like www.bespoaktimberframes.co.uk offer a range for you to choose from.

Added Value to Your Property

A carport is so useful, so much so that installing one can add value to your home.

Flexible Positioning

Unlike a garage, a carport can go where you want it to. If you have a narrow drive at the side of your house, a bespoke carport can slot right in there perfectly


Your carport will be extra handy when you need some shelter outside – for kids to play under when the sun is beaming or for your guests to hide under when it inevitably rains at your garden party. You will soon wonder how you lived without it.


Author: Richard Brown

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