Five hot cuisines that customers are clamouring for

It’s official: we are becoming more and more adventurous with our food choices. Whether cooking at home, dining out or ordering takeaways, the popularity of foods from afar is rocketing.

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A report in the Telegraph goes as far as to suggest that six out of ten meals prepared in the UK now come from foreign culinary backgrounds and traditions, with French and Italian topping the list; however, many people want to go a bit further than spaghetti bolognese, so here we look at five top culinary delights.


Mexican is a huge market in the UK, with many franchises, independent restaurants and DIY kits available in the supermarket. One of the best things about Mexican cuisine is how well it lends itself to customisation, meaning you can load up with as much salsa, guacamole and sour cream and as many chillies as you like! Build-it-yourself dishes such as tacos and fajitas are perfect for informal family dinners, with Mexican desserts such as churros also booming in popularity.

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South American

South America is an area of the world that many Brits are seeking to explore, bringing back with them fabulous, exciting dishes. Whether you visit Peru, Brazil or Argentina, you will find a focus on strong, fresh flavours – both delicate and fiery – alongside comforting pastry-based snacks called empanadas, which are usually filled with meat or cheese.

South East Asian

While Thai food may have been long established as a favourite cuisine in the UK, foods originating from Taiwan and Vietnam are now having their time in the spotlight. Often designed with soft, fragrant, aromatic spices in mind, their fish dishes and soups can be particularly delicious.

South Indian

South Indian food differs from the North Indian dishes we are used to. You will find a distinct lack of wheat-based bread products such as chapati and naan; instead, you will find hoppers, which are thin, crispy pancakes that come with a variety of fillings. The traditional curry house may be putting its commercial combi oven from a supplier such as to a different use when this cuisine really takes off.


With winter approaching, you will find warmth and heartiness in a number of traditional Polish dishes. From stews and dumplings to sausages and rich desserts, Polish cuisine is increasingly popular on the food scene.


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