Have fun and Play Bowls with everyone

Bowls is a sport enjoyed by thousands of people throughout the UK. It’s a very old sport, with Sir Francis Drake reportedly finishing his game of bowls at Plymouth Hoe before tackling the invading Spanish Armada in 1588.

Bowls can be played indoors or outdoors, so is perfect for the unpredictable British weather. For many people, though, it is thought of as a summer sport, with the thwack of the bowls hitting the jack being an essential sound of the season.

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Bowls can be enjoyed by everyone and is simple to take up. The idea is to get your ball as close as possible to the jack, which is the white ball. However, you then have to master bowling the ball and techniques and tactics which keep the game interesting.

Bowling is a relatively cheap game, according to Bowls England, with the choice of playing with a club or paying per game at your local park.

Bowling Barefoot on the Grass

It also appeals to all ages, and there is a growing trend for younger people to get involved by playing barefoot bowls.

The concept took off in Australia and has now spread to London, with barefoot bowls being described as “an urban take on the traditional game”. The event is accompanied by craft ales, street food and top DJs to bring this “quintessentially British game dancing into the 21st century”, according to the Barefoot Bowls website.

Getting the Right Equipment

Once you have tried bowls and decided it is the sport for you, you will need to think about buying equipment. If you’re not into barefoot bowls, you will need white clothes and special shoes.

You may be interested in buying your own set of bowling balls. To see a selection of the various types of balls and prices, you can visit an online stores.

Bowling is a great team sport, so it is a chance to meet new friends with a shared interest. Get yourself a team and start traveling together with a Dorset Coach Hire company found at links like turnerscoaches.co.uk and practise as much as possible. Bowling is also good for your health, strengthening and toning muscles as well as helping with weight loss. All exercise, including bowling, helps your health by improving the circulation and cutting the risk of a stroke or heart attack. You should play bowls once or twice a week to get the most benefit.

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