How to create your own travel fund

Here is some stress-saving advice on how to save for your cruise, road trip or getaway. With some creativity, you can boost your bank account and hit the beach or the road in style.

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Open a bank account

Select a high-yield savings account online, as you will be less likely to take out the money. Top up with savings from everyday purchases and funnel in extra money such as birthday cash or a work bonus.

Have a savings goal

Budgeting for your trip ahead of time is important. Add up the costs of rental cars, airfares, petrol, hotel stays, meals, special excursions and souvenirs to find out what you need to save. Divide your estimated holiday cost by the number of months until your trip to work out the monthly amount.

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Travel Noire has lots of helpful travel fund tips.

Eight ways to bank trip money

1 Get a job on the side

Look for ways to earn extra money, such as babysitting, waiting tables, being a mystery shopper or influencing online.

2 Sell your stuff

Sell your belongings on Craigslist or eBay.

3 Let your credit card take the strain

Think about a credit card that accumulates air miles. By holiday time, you could fly for free.

4 Reduce your food budget

Food can be a vast expense. Save by buying in bulk, shopping at farmers markets or growing your own.

5 Make cash from your car

Make extra money as an Uber driver or set up a carpool; alternatively, take the drastic step of ditching your car altogether.

6 Your home makes money

Register with Airbnb to rent out your home or stay elsewhere. You could put people up in a tent or allow guests to sleep on your couch.

7 Spend less on working out

Save money by working out at fitness stations in public parks or follow fitness-focused channels on YouTube. You could be paid to teach yoga or fitness boot camps.

8 Value-for-money outdoor equipment

If expensive items such as skis, kayaks, snowboards and tents will be part of your holiday, think about buying used equipment and shop at garage sales or charity shops. Also, consider reselling your gear.


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