All About The Loft Decoration!

All About The Loft Decoration!

The loft atmosphere is now fashionable. This style of decoration gives pride of place to large spaces and requires respecting certain color codes, materials, and decorative objects to enhance your interior, whatever the surface of your room. In order to create this atmosphere, it is important to choose the loft decoration objects.

The main objects loft decoration, industrial style

The industrial atmosphere of a loft does not depend solely on the metal furniture that you will install in your home. Decorative objects and accessories are very important, they bring style to your loft. To accentuate the industrial atmosphere, your loft decoration objects must combine wood with metal. These objects in raw materials must seem to come straight out of a factory or workshop.

All About The Loft Decoration!

You can find your loft decorating items by hawking at flea markets or flea markets. The typical objects of the industrial atmosphere are the architect’s lamps, the industrial style lanterns, the large rust-finish mirrors, the old milk jugs, the old ship projectors, the metal shelves, the metal suspensions, the clocks. Station or wooden trunks.

The main objects loft decoration, design objects

In order to complete the industrial decoration of your loft, you can add modern elements and design to your objects of recovery. Nowadays, many shops are specialized in the sale of decorative design and offer a wide choice of objects. However, it is important to note that the loft spirit recommends not overloading the decoration of its housing, so being sure to carefully select some objects.

All About The Loft Decoration!

Among loft decorating items that fit perfectly with the industrial style, you can opt for a chrome soft clock, enameled billboards, large metal letters, black and white posters, aluminum mini bowls, empty -pocket design chrome, a protective glass bell or a globe.

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Lay out the terrace of his loft

Nowadays, the interior decoration is a popular activity that allows giving free rein to his imagination while following the trends. The loft style decoration is fashionable and widespread in France. Be careful not to forget the terrace loft decor, to extend the atmosphere of your interior to your outside. We will give you some tips to properly develop the terrace of your loft.

All About The Loft Decoration!

Your loft terrace decoration should be an extension of the style of your interior and take the principles. The loft style recommends large spaces and the industrial atmosphere, so you must apply these rules to your terrace in terms of layout, furniture, materials, colors and decorative elements.

The floor of your terrace must be reminiscent of your interior, to be an extension. The industrial style advocates basic and raw, so you can opt for a concrete floor that respects the loft spirit. The walls of your terrace must favor sober colors like gray. The materials to be used for terrace loft decoration are metal, concrete, and wood.

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Furniture and decorative elements

The final touch of your terrace loft decoration lies in the choice of furniture and decorative elements. The furnishing of your terrace, in order to respect the loft style, must include industrial recovery furniture such as a table in metal or aged wood or metal telegraph chairs as well. The furnishing of your terrace must be minimalist in order to accentuate the sensation of big space.

All About The Loft Decoration!

Regarding decoration elements, use zinc pots to install plants. Make your imagination work with wooden or metal salvage objects that will add an industrial vibe to your loft terrace decor.

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