How to dance on Roblox – Very easy tutorial

How to dance on Roblox

Roblox, the video game development platform for multiplayer, offers its users unlimited possibilities to express themselves. Both in the creation of their scenarios and in the interaction between the avatars. And this is as easy as developing your own video game within the system.

To do this, it is necessary to know that they are actions carried out by means of commands. Which are nothing more than simple that anyone can use so that their character does a certain action? Such as making a phone call during a game or applauding an action of a partner.

To activate the commands, it is necessary to go to the chat option, in the upper area of ​​the screen, and select the “Messages” icon. It can also be done remotely and easily, by pressing the Shift + 7 key on our keyboard, and once the forward-slash “/” appears, type “?” followed by it, like this: “/?” or “/ Help” to access help.

Within this section, you will discover all the possible information about the commands that our avatar can perform during a game, and what is better: many and the most fun, are free, that is, it does not require you to spend a single ” Robux “, the virtual currency of the video game.

As the user experience increases, the number of emotes or actions that our avatar can perform increases. In order to equip them, you must access “Shop”. And then click on “Catalog”, which will show you a section dedicated solely and exclusively to “Emotes”.

Of course, even if they are equipped. You should know that there will be times when you will not be able to use them. Since the moderator of the video game will have disabled this option, and their reasons may have; remember that on this platform, we can all design our world and also create our own rules.

Activate an Emote, and start dancing easily

Once the chat option is activated, you must type the letter ” e” followed by the slash ” /”, that is ” / e “. And then leave space to add one of the commands from this list.

The first example is that of dancing, written in English “dance”, remembering to put the characters that we have told you previously which will make our avatar perform a dance, which can change if you place the same command but with the number 2 or 3 at the end of this.

As mentioned above, there are many options and commands that can be executed while we spend hours inside Roblox, and here are other emotes that you can use.

Also, being a massively multiplayer game, cooperation and teamwork depends on the relationship you have with other users, and this can be improved if we add a congratulation when our colleagues do something correctly, adding the “/ e cheers” to celebrate it, or raise your thumb doing ” / e thumbup ”

Emotes can also work for pleasant socializing without having to specifically start a direct conversation. And for this, you can use the emote “/ e blowkiss” to blow an air kiss. Or show your emotion by typing “/ e excited”. Which will make our time to play more lived.

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Playing as an administrator

In some cases, these codes are open so that anyone who enters a game can use them. There are also others where you can only do it if you are a moderator. That is, your job is to help the community improve, using different commands that affect other characters.

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When you are a moderator, an avatar will appear on the left margin that will also show the different emotes used previously; Among the advantages of being a moderator within a game is that it facilitates the process of communication and order with other players.

Some commands that you can use as a moderator are o.clean. Remove hats or tools that are distributed throughout the place. As well as: clear to remove local scripts and all kinds of jails; Some more intense ones are, for example: kill kohl, to kill a player, and: respawn kohl to respawn him.

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