How to get dry erase stains out of sweaters

If you have dry erase marker stains on a sweater, it’s important to act quickly to prevent the stain from setting. The markers are not washable, and when the small colour particles come into contact with clothing fibres, they become trapped in the fibre.

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What will I need to get the stains out?

You’ll need a clean cloth or paper towel, rubbing alcohol, a cotton ball, mild liquid detergent, a sink or basin, cold water and a clean towel.

First steps for removing the stain

Carefully blot the mark, using a paper towel or a clean cloth. Avoid rubbing the stain, as this can push the ink deeper into the fabric. Before applying any liquid to your sweater, it’s a good idea to do a test, choosing somewhere that won’t be noticed, to make sure the fabric doesn’t react adversely to the cleaning process.

Apply your rubbing alcohol

Dampen a cotton ball with the rubbing alcohol and gently apply it to the stained area. Do not rub, but just carefully and lightly swab at the mark. The alcohol should help to dissolve and lift the ink. It’s important to avoid getting good sweaters stained. If you want to invest in some new wardrobe pieces, a womens Aran sweater from a specialist like Shop Aran is a good choice.

Rinse your garment with cold water

After treating the stain with alcohol, rinse the area under cold running water to remove both the alcohol and the dissolved ink. Check to see if the stain is still visible. If it is, repeat the treatment and rinse it thoroughly again. Good Housekeeping has some information on how to remove common stains incurred at school.

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Do not tumble dry until the stain is gone

Do not put the sweater in the dryer until you are certain the stain is gone, as heat can set the stain. Simply air-dry the sweater inside on a hanger.

It’s always important to tackle a stain as quickly as you can, as it can be more difficult to get rid of older marks.

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