The Ghosts of Dublin City

Dublin is a vibrant city that attracts millions of visitors a year. There are many different ways in which you can travel to this incredible city. If you are planning on driving you should ensure that you have had your annual vehicle checks conducted and contacted a mots gloucester company such as to make sure you don’t miss your check up.  It is popular for a night out boasting plenty of great bars and clubs, and people head here for a few pints of Guinness with friends or a romantic evening out – but there is more to Dublin than a night out. If you are a fan of finding more than spirits in the optics at the pub, then continue reading to find out some of Dublin’s most haunted places…

The Brazen Head – This is Dublin’s oldest pub so is a likely haunt for ghostly activity. It is said to be haunted by one of it’s previous customers, Robert Emmet who held resistance meetings in the pub. In September 1803 he was beheaded for his crimes, and he is spotted by people to this day, standing in the corner of the pub keeping an eye out for his executioner.

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The Shelburne – This is one of the most magnificent hotels in Dublin. But many say it has a spooky secret. Built on St Stephens Green, this was originally the site of a row of houses before they were knocked down for the hotel to be built in 1824. One of the residents of the houses, a little girl named Mary who died of cholera in her home roams the corridors of the hotel at night.

Kilmainham Gaol – Built in the 18th century, this is the place that prisoners of the uprisings from uprisings during the time period of when it opened to when it was closed down in 1924 – including Robert Emmet, the ghostly resident of the Brazen Head! There are all sorts of spooky stories about this place, where in the 1960s workmen restoring it reported lights flickering on and off and the sounds of footsteps in empty corridors. Many people sense a ghostly feeling around the chapel where Joseph Plunkett married Grace Gifford on the day that he was executed.

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St Michan’s Church – From the outside this appears to be a normal church – nothing particularly unusual you might think. But inside the church, a narrow staircase down reveals the vaults – the remains of bodies up to 800 years old can be found down there, laying in open coffins, the sinister human remains can be seen in the coffins. Visitors often report the feeling of fingers touching them on the neck and hear low voices and whispers in the room.



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