Specialized Post Blacklite Fixing Issue Easy Guideline

Blacklite Fixing Issue Easy Guideline

We’re going to go over the quick solution how to fix specialized bikes post blacklite. Post blacklite is an amazing tool for a specialized bicycle.

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Take the quick release cable, pull that assembly out of there. Pull seat posts out of the frame. The reason we do this is to let all the air out of the post.

If you’re the kind of guy who really likes to know what you ran, make sure you put a pump up there and double-check what you had in there.

When we got down to the local hardware store, just break that guy free, remove your strap wrench, and you can back the rest of the seal off by hand. I want to reiterate, do not do this without removing all pressures from the system via the straighter valve on the base.

Now, at this point, you can slide your steelhead back and forth. This one moves with relative ease.

So we probably aren’t going to need to actually regress the seals inside the seal head, but what we will do is regress it and the key mechanism.

There is you have also need to know the differences between trek vs specialized bikes.

It’s going to maybe lead to a leak path, maybe lead to a failure, and we don’t want that.

We have its mechanism, the bushing, the key ways the upper bushing, all clean wood users can apply some slick honey to the system. Mueller distinction tube.

Now that we have all that done activate the plunger. Re-install the post making sure the key ways lineup, as long as you have the post-story and the orientation to the front with the badge facing forward should be relatively easy.

Get your specialized shock pump and thread that on engage the lever. I like to run mine at 35 PSI. Not too fast, not too slow, and just the right speed.


The beauty of the command post is how quick the post can drop in return. It’s literally a split.

Once you get your air cap back on reinstall, your post to proper saddle height. Make sure you use a torque wrench on this guy here.

Use a torque tool then re-install the red activation barrel on the command post head. It can be very difficult to troubleshoot adjustable ride hide posts.

We made it very easy and If you actually read your instruction manual, you’ll see at the end of it, that there’s a troubleshooting matrix that has an issue and several ways to solve it.

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to fix or troubleshoot for that matter. Now, another thing I’d like to talk about is custom tuning your command post to your environment.

You’ll put a cold-weather tune in there for you. you can also say you want it to be a little more dampened.

You can put a little bit thicker, grease on the call. Its mechanism to slow it down. There are lots of little ways you can change some nuances of the post to tailor it to yourself.


We’ve covered setup and maintenance. We’ve covered some troubleshooting and then a troubleshooting matrix as well as a couple of tunes. If you got this article helpful share this article and give me a thumbs up.

Author: Richard Brown

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