Stranger Things Season 4

The sci-fi series that smells like the 1980s has been renewed for a season 4, which is still pending. After the first trailer in February, more news … Has the fourth season of Stranger Things got lost in the Upside Down?

It’s summer, and something seems to be missing. Finally, something other than going abroad, or having the right to go out without a mask … But of course: the new season of Stranger Things ! Where is the series which likes to the ambience the month of July, with its history worthy of the 1980s and the films of Spielberg?

In 2016, the first season of Stranger Things was unveiled on July 15, and was an immediate success, thanks to its treatment reminiscent of films like The Goonies or The Neverending Story. Stuffed with references to pop culture, sweating nostalgia, featuring a group of kids who allow the thirties and more so affinities to fall back into childhood, the series immediately hits the mark and seems perfectly suited for summer. Except that the second season comes out … October 27, 2017. Perfect timing for Halloween, and a good excuse to disguise the little gang as mini-Ghostbusters. No new season in 2018, and it is finally on July 4, 2019, for the American national holiday, that season 3 of Stranger Things is coming to Netflix. The return to broadcast in summer?

From the start, there was no question of releasing season 4 of Stranger Things for the summer of 2020. However, the fans were hopeful, with a teasing that began in … the month of February! Raw mysterious images have been revealed in a short video entitled ” From Russia with love ” ( From Russia with Love in VF), which suggests that the Hopper head would still be alive but also gives rise to many theories.


One of the craziest theories seeks to establish a relationship between the Demogorgons of Stranger Things and the monster of The Thing, the cult film by John Carpenter (1982). Particularly because the sound at the end of the video is the same as in the film. But with The Thing poster appearing in the Wheeler family basement in season 3, and Lucas even speaking during one scene, it should be more of an inspiration than a real connection between the series and the film. Even if making the two works exist in the same universe would be absolutely crazy.


But all of that doesn’t tell us when Stranger Things Season 4 will be released. Without an image of the little band led by Mike, Elfe, Nancy, and the others, it is impossible to locate them at a specific time of the year. Basically, Netflix planned to release the sequel in 2020. But as we have seen in 2020, reality sometimes goes beyond fiction, and the Coronavirus pandemic has considerably delayed many fictions.

Although she’s used to taking on Demogorgons and other strange creatures, Stranger Things is no exception. The directors, the Duffer Brothers, like the actors, confirmed that filming started in January (notably in Lithuania), and was interrupted in March, only to resume on September 17. It will therefore be necessary to count 6 months of delay, great minimum, for the arrival of season 4. But hey, we know at least the title of the first episode …

We could therefore have a new season of Stranger Things for the summer, but the summer of 2021 …

Author: Tony Jimenez

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