Traveling alone fills you with unparalleled experiences

Traveling alone

If traveling is in itself one of the most enriching experiences that anyone can do for all the learning, territories and anecdotes of the road, doing it alone and with all the possibilities open radically changes the way in which this trip can be perceived and enter into the spirit. Traveling alone is a great experience if you travel alone. 

Making the decision to undertake a trip with no company other than yourself represents an exceptional adventure. It requires a great planning, both of the destinations that you will choose any of the things that you leave behind you (commitments, work, family, friends), to dedicate yourself entirely to your person and adventure.

Of course it has its degree of complexity, but at the same time, that means that each challenge overcome will leave you a lifelong learning, and for more reasons you have to think twice, definitely none should be enough to not try at least once to take charge of your trip, your backpack and go out to explore the world.

Within all the experiences you could find, here is a short list of five learnings that traveling alone gives you. So cheer up, get inspired and let your own decisions guide you.

1) There are things that are not under your control Traveling alone

Inevitably, this teaching teaches you to flow and let yourself go. Not everything is at your fingertips or obeys your wishes, so on a solo trip you will learn to let go, to recognize positively that you are a circumstance of your time and history, and that challenges are overcome when you achieve synchronicity between what you want and the movements you must do to achieve it in an ever-changing context. You have to adopt the situation when you are traveling alone.

2) The determination is importantTraveling alone

Sometimes, there is not much time to think about a decision and you will simply have to trust your intuition and not stop moving forward. During a trip, you could find the option to take the left or the right (literally and figuratively) and it will be necessary to recognize that the important thing is not to remain immobile in the middle of the crossing, but to continue on the road and the exploration. Nothing like exploration to open your horizons. It is important if you are traveling alone.

3) You are your best companionTraveling alone

You will learn to procure and take care of yourself as you may have never done before and that will establish a new connection with yourself, since on the way you will come into contact with your wishes, your needs and, of course, with your fears and doubts. A panoramic vision of who you are will open before you and, without a doubt, you will discover that you are in the world to help you. Spending time with yourself is the best way to self-knowledge.

4) Trusting people is a virtueTraveling alone

Yes, it is true that, as you read above, you are enough to procure and help you, but also in life you need the help of other people, and knowing how to trust them is a virtue of the spirit. Your confidence, kindness, generosity and psychic openness increase when you discover what people can do for others. Just as you have the ability to help others, allowing them to help you is a sign of trust, and trust translates into love.

5) There are ways to overcome your fearsTraveling alone

Nothing better than facing constant challenges with incredible rewards to overcome your fears and strengthen the vision you have of yourself. A trip gives you pleasure, experience, and also confronts you with new landscapes and circumstances, both natural and social, and dealing with it, even with what you feel that suddenly does not favor or scare you, is the best way to find the courage in you

Undoubtedly, this list could grow to infinity, because the learning of traveling alone cannot be counted. Everyone will have their own anecdotes and knowledge. The important thing is to be given the opportunity to undertake it, without fear and with great confidence. And of course, with all the necessary precautions and common sense to make the trip an enriching and 100% positive feat. Would you encourage yourself to do it?

Author: Sam Owens

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