What is the largest swimming pool in the world?

Desert landscapes and almost endless turquoise waters to enjoy on your next beach vacation… Can you imagine swimming in the largest pool on the planet?

If they talk to you about Egypt, you will surely think of sand, pyramids, and heat. But there is much more for visitors in this wonderful country. One of those magical places is located near the Red Sea coast, in the Sinai region. There is an oasis landscape created by the hand of man: the largest swimming pool in the world.

Just over 15 minutes from the center of the tourist city of Sharm El Sheik, the City Stars lagoon pool was built by Crystal Lagoons. This Chilean company had previously created the giant pool of San Alfonso del Mar, which is located in a residential complex two hours from Santiago de Chile.

Two Guinness World Records

Crystal Lagoons opened the world’s largest swimming pool in 2006, in Chile, and for this.It obtained its first Guinness record. However, in 2015 he outdid himself with another creation, by building the largest artificial lagoon in Egypt, which is the one that currently holds the first place in the records.

The company is a leader in low-cost water treatment innovation. In addition to being specialists in creating incredible and surprising landscapes, as evidenced in these impressive and striking pools.

The numbers of the largest pool in the world

City Stars Sharm El Sheik is the largest swimming pool in the world with an area of ​​12.5 hectares. Thus surpassing the 8 hectares of its Chilean counterpart.

When it was built, it took 22 days to fill the pool using salt water. As an added value, the development includes advanced technology for applying a desalination process to use the water in the residential complex and the hotels. The investment for the construction of this real estate and tourism megaproject that includes the giant pool rose to 4.9 million euros.

An oasis in the middle of the desert

The City Stars complex is located far from the coast, deep into the Sinai desert. This was built in a desert space, taking advantage of land and salt water sources without any possible productive use. In addition, the purpose of not causing negative impacts on the environment was fulfilled.

The landscape resembles a huge oasis in the middle of the desert sands. The lagoon is impressive, the turquoise and crystal clear water is reminiscent of the Caribbean and its temperature is warm. So the pleasure of bathing is guaranteed.

The incredible size of the pool allows tourists to practice activities such as swimming, windsurfing, kayaking, and diving. And sailing without disturbing each other and enjoying the enormity of the water mirror.

Ecological design and green technology

The technology used in the construction of the largest swimming pool in the world has been described as advanced and endowed with ecological design.

By moving away from the coast inland, the project avoided causing environmental damage and using resources from other activities. In this way, an initiative that respects the environment has been carried out that, in addition, generates investment, and work. And tourism in an area that is completely useless for another type of productive enterprise.

What can you do in the Citystars pool?

The largest swimming pool in the world is part of a giant project whose idea is to attract permanent residents and visitors to stay in its 30,000 apartments and hotels. In addition, they will also have the opportunity to enjoy its golf courses and shopping centers.

However, one of its main objectives is to become an alternative premium experience for beach tourists, who number millions around the world.

In short, the largest pool in the world offers you a unique experience. Enjoy the pleasant sensation of feeling the freshness with your feet in the crystal clear water while the heat of the desert caresses your skin!

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