Valentine’s gifts without spending money

February 14 is Valentine’s Day and many couples want to make that day special and full of romance, but it may be the case that they are going through a precarious time economically and that the plans you prepare each year cannot take place this Valentine’s Day. If this is your case and you are wondering how to celebrate Valentine’s Day without money, don’t worry, because there are many options to surprise your partner without money.

In this article, we show you several gift ideas for Valentine’s Day without spending money, which you can prepare yourself with a little time, but above all, with a lot of desire to make your partner feel the most special in the world.

Romantic messages

Thanks to new technologies, we can now communicate very easily and at a very low cost (by Whatsapp or social networks), so a good way to celebrate Valentine’s Day throughout the day is to send romantic messages to your partner while they are working or in other places without you.

You can also dare to send him some messages that are more risque and that will prepare the ground for the night of passion that awaits you.

Note on the sink mirror

Another thing that you can do as part of Valentine’s Day gifts without spending money is to make Valentine’s Day a special day by breaking with the routine. Surprise your partner with romantic details. This is a very simple idea to do and one that will surely bring a huge smile to your partner and make them feel like a very special person for having you by their side.

A good way to make him feel happy right when he wakes up is to leave him a note on the sink mirror since it is a space in the house that he will surely go to. Here you can leave a message stuck on the mirror or a rose with a message. You will love it!

Picnic in the park

What to do for Valentine’s Day without money? Surprise your partner during their working day. In addition to sending her romantic messages, you can suddenly show up at her workplace during her lunch break and go for a picnic in the park . It is a very romantic surprise that he will surely love and make Valentine’s Day very special.

Al fresco dining

Another way to celebrate an unforgettable Valentine’s Day is to keep your plans for February 14 a secret and, on the same day, send her a letter to her work, an email, or a message quoting her in a different place from your home (it can be on the beach, in the mountains, in a park…).

Ideally, it should be a place away from the noise of people and where you can be calm. Here you can surprise him with an outdoor dinner, a bottle of cava with two glasses, or a gift made by yourself. In this article, we give you some craft ideas for Valentine’s Day. You can make a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day without money.

Path of hearts

What to do for February 14 with little money? You can get home early and fill an entire path with paper hearts or confetti on the floor. You can also place rose petals or pleasantly perfume in the room.

Another idea would be to make a path of hearts and, when your partner enters the house, follow it to the dining room, where you will have prepared Valentine’s dinner with candles, elegant glasses, and a good menu, they will be left with their mouths open to the see him!

Romantic photo album

This is another idea that you can do as a gift for Valentine’s Day without spending money. Go ahead and prepare your own romantic photo album of yours. This Valentine’s Day craft is completely personalized and can be very affordable if you do it digitally or by hand.

Choose different photos, depending on how big you want to make the album, that represents special moments for you, they can be from trips, from places where you have had good times, from parties that you have attended together, etc.

Homemade heart-shaped cake

If you like to cook, go ahead and prepare your own heart-shaped homemade cake to give to your partner. It is a very nice detail, but it is even more so if you do it yourself and it will be cheaper than buying it already made.

Unforgettable couple bath

Can’t think of what to do on February 14 at home? Prepare an unforgettable couple’s bath to celebrate Valentine’s Day. If you have a bathtub, this is a great option to give your partner a special moment without spending much money. Decorate the bathroom with scented candles, hearts, and petals.

Play relaxing music and fill the bathtub with water and foam. If you can add a couple of glasses of your favorite drink, it will be even better. You can also have a bathtub full of foam prepared in which you will find two glasses of cava. A space that is also only lit with aromatic candles and that you can set with a sensual melody.

This moment is a little sexier, so it is recommended that you abandon your romantic side and bring out your most spicy part. In the bathtub, you can touch each other, give each other massages, and kiss each other but everything is very calm, there is no rush to finish, the important thing is to enjoy your bodies.

Night of Passion

After spending all day showing your partner how much you love them and without spending any money, it’s time to exploit your passion and dedicate all the time in the world to carnal pleasure. For this reason, we recommend that you enjoy this moment of the night little by little, do not rush to go to bed, and enjoy every moment, the eroticism and the waiting.

When you get out of the water, it is best to rest for a moment and have a glass of cava lying on the bed, naked and looking directly at your body; the excitement of the looks is also very sensual and can put you a thousand.

After this moment of relaxation, go away for a moment and dress in sensual clothes, if you want, you can do an erotic dance or surprise him with some sex toys. You can also try other options like the one in this article where we tell you how to do a sensual massage on Valentine’s Day, he will love your initiative!

Private concert for February 14

If you like music, a very good idea is to give away a private concert for February 14. Since the idea is that it is a gift without spending a lot of money, it is best that you prepare a recorded concert to watch and listen to it together on your television or computer.

You can find many recorded concerts of famous artists on the Internet. Choose your partner’s favorite group or artist and enjoy it while you enjoy a romantic dinner and delicious wine or cava.

Box with romantic vouchers

Prepare a box with romantic vouchers to give to your partner on this special day. You will only have to decorate a box or an envelope and write several romantic, fun, and practical vouchers so that you can choose and spend the one that most interests you at any given time.

Some ideas for vouchers are a voucher for a romantic dinner cooked by me, a voucher for a relaxing massage, voucher for going together where you choose at any time, a voucher for a romantic excursion, etc., you can even give him a “voucher”. in white”.

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