10 summer driving tips that you should know

10 summer driving tips

Thinking about making a break during the summer months? Due to high temperatures and traffic intensity, this period may not be the best time to get on the road. However, the bulk of the driving population usually moves during these months, with no other period available throughout the year. If you are in this same situation and want to know some of the most useful summer driving tips, the following lines will be of great help.

This summer, the Traffic Department expects some 89.3 million trips to take place in California. Last year there were 89 million trips, 0.3 less than during the current season, which suggests that the traffic jams will be slightly higher.

Although traffic jams are not friends with drivers, school vacations mark the departures of most of the population. That is why many are interested in driving tips in the summer and enjoy a better experience. Would you like to know some of the most important?

What are the best summer driving tips?

summer driving tips

In the following lines, you will find a series of useful tips to drive in summer and enjoy a better driving experience, because there are many incidents that can occur during the summer, due to high temperatures and other factors. Can you come with us?

Reduce distractions to a minimum

Reduce distractions

A Lytx investigation revealed that the losses almost doubled during sunny days because drivers are not as focused and alert as when the sky is cloudy, a curious relationship, which demonstrates the importance of putting all five senses on the road. The best way to stay focused is to turn off the mobile device, avoid consuming food or drinks and in the case of traveling with a co-pilot, reduce the conversation to the minimum necessary.

Travel slowly, enjoy more

One of the usual mistakes when planning summer vacations is to swell the luggage unnecessarily. If you exceed the recommended load capacity, the distribution of weight, fuel, vehicle handling, and even braking distances can be adversely affected. That is why we recommend you to travel slowly because, in addition to enjoying a better experience on the road, you will lengthen the useful life of the vehicle.

Travel slowly

Due to high temperatures and heavy traffic, the summer period multiplies the risk of suffering a mechanical mishap, which is why the vehicle’s inspection becomes very important.

Check the tires

The tires are one of the most important parts of the vehicle, so it is advisable to check the depths of the tread (1.6 mm for the three-fourths of the center of the tread and the entire outer circumference).

Check the tires

Likewise, it is important to verify the pressures of the four compounds, following the manufacturer’s guidelines, not only prolong their useful life but also to maximize fuel consumption. In this sense, you may be interested in knowing these useful tips to prepare your car for the summer.

Check the water reserves

Check the water reserves

Water is a crucial component in any journey at the wheel, both for the driver and for the vehicle itself. That is why you should not forget to fill the windshield wiper tank and the other tank that connects to the radiator; otherwise, the effects could be fatal in months like July and August. Also, it is advisable to have a couple of bottles of mineral water in a shady place inside the vehicle.

Planning is the key to any long trip, so find out in advance which is the best route to your destination, find out about incidents, stay tuned for the weather forecast and do your best to anticipate events.

Take a breath

Take a breath

The ‘take a break’ philosophy is a friend of the good driver. Fatigue, tired eyesight and drowsiness are indications that we must give a break to the pedals and activate circulation outside the vehicle or take a long nap before continuing the route. Throughout the national territory, you will find different rest areas, with cafes and parking specially arranged so that travelers like you enjoy a well-deserved rest.

Do not leave animals inside the vehicle

animals inside the vehicle

During a long journey, resting is inevitable, this being a good time to satisfy your appetite and hydrate. But do not make the mistake of leaving your pet in the vehicle, as temperatures can drop drastically at noon. Heat stroke can be dangerous or even deadly, as evidenced by the cases of dogs and cats killed for this reason.

With the invaluable help of these tips to drive in summer, you no longer have excuses to enjoy an unforgettable getaway. Cheer up! What do you think of these summer driving tips? Could you add some more of your own harvest?

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