What to do if the car loses oil

the car loses oil

The car oil is something that should be controlled if any problem arises since it is very important for the performance and operation of the vehicle. For example, it may be necessary for some situation to know what to do if your car loses oil.

The loss of car oil is one of the most common faults. It can be more or less serious depending on the amount of oil lost and where the leakage comes from, but in any case, you should always act to avoid major problems. In case of detecting the loss, you will have to measure the levels to check what amount has been lost and have a first idea of the magnitude of the leak. In a How we explain what to do if the car loses oil.

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First of all, you must confirm that the leak in the car is from the oil. Sometimes, the car leaves a puddle under the engine because of condensation or air conditioning, without this supposing that there is any breakdown. By touch and smell, you can certify that it is indeed about the car losing oil.  Check that the oil leak is real and it is not the condensation of the air conditioner that sometimes leaves a puddle under the car.

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Once you know that the car loses oil, what you will have to do is assess the scope of the problem, something you can find out by measuring how much oil is left in the tank. This way you will know if the car has lost a lot of oil, with which you would be facing a serious failure in which some part of the engine could have been damaged; or if it is a small leak. Once you know there is an oil leak, you should look at the tank to calculate what is left of oil and know the severity of the leak. This you will do with the rods and looking at the remaining marks.

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In this article, we explain how to measure the oil level of a car. You will have to do it with the engine cold, using the oil dipstick and checking that the level of the deposit is between the minimum and maximum marks.  If the lost oil is too large, call the tow truck or make sure to inform your insurance, because driving could be dangerous or harmful to your car.

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If the car has lost a lot of oil, the most advisable thing is that you notify the crane to take it to the workshop where they will locate the fault. Normally, insurance policies cover this transport, so get in touch with your agent or your insurer to check and use this service. If the oil is still in acceptable quantities, go with the vehicle to your workshop to solve it. This is probably due to the looseness of the seals or to a crankcase screw that is not completely adjusted.

It is possible that your car can start and circulate, but it is a very big risk to start the engine with little oil since the parts will not be sufficiently lubricated and can be damaged.

best car loses oil

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On the other hand, if the oil level is still acceptable despite the leak, go with your car to your trustworthy workshop to fix the problem. Most likely, the loss of oil is due to a gap in the joints or that some crankcase bolts are not tight enough. It is not a serious problem, but it must be solved.

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A good maintenance of the car oil is basic for the optimal functioning of the vehicle engine. Read this article to know how to change the car’s oil.

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Finally, the car can lose oil for different reasons. The most common situation occurs when the vehicle suffers an oil leak; This problem is detected with the naked eye if blue smoke comes out of the exhaust pipe. This can be a problem with the car in the long term. This is what you have to do if your car loses oil, but do not allow it to repeat itself through vehicle maintenance since oil is something that has to be completely optimized for the operation of the car.



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