Dye your hair at home: The secrets for a perfect result

Dye your hair at home

Dye your hair at home is definitely an option that many women try, especially in this time of crisis. It is, in fact, a nice way to save money, given the costs of a complete professional treatment by the hairdresser, but in order to obtain optimal results it is necessary to strictly follow precise rules. If you do everything properly, for example, it will be difficult to distinguish between DIY and professional streaks, unless, of course, you want particular effects such as highlights (although for the more experienced it is still possible to aspire to truly amazing effects). The advice is to rely on yourself only if you are sure you can proceed, otherwise you run the risk of not getting the desired result or, worse, creating damage to hair and skin.

If your purpose is simply to cover the first white hair or to revive your  natural color  with a bright reflection, then you can safely try to achieve your intent comfortably at home, by purchasing one of the many packs found in perfumery, in herbal medicine or in the supermarket. Provided you follow some rules! Let’s see all the secrets on how to dye your hair by yourself … perfectly!

How to dye your hair at home

There are those who opt for the hairdresser and would not know how to give it up, those who want to dye their hair naturally, those who choose bleaching and those who, on the other hand, look for hypoallergenic hair dyes and natural dyes. Let’s start with the three different qualities of the shades that you can find on the market: reflective  (which will allow you to have a nice, intense reflection that will emphasize your natural color, but which will go away after a few shampoos, it can be fine for a special occasion),  semi-permanent  (this color also tends to discharge after a few weeks of washing), finally the permanent dyes, certainly the most used because they permeate the hair just like professional dyes and cover white hair. The latter, although sometimes the packs are a bit deceptive, always contain both oxygen and ammonia, especially the colors that go towards the shades of blond or ash.

Dyes: How to choose the right color

To dye your hair yourself, you need to pay close attention. Let’s assume that you want to make a beautiful permanent dye on your hair, for the first time, but how can you regulate yourself? In the meantime, choose a shade close to your natural color, and about two shades lighter than the result you want to achieve. Exemplifying, if you want auburn brown hair, take the package that says “coppery light brown” or “coppery dark blonde”. If you have very long and very thick hair, it is better to buy two packs and use them both entirely (never keep a bottle of dye in half!).

Permanent tincture, how to apply it

We come to the rules for applying the dye you have chosen. You need to wear latex gloves (they are usually included in the package, but we advise you to buy others that are your size) and a nice dye brush. In the box, you will find two products to be emulsified together in a bottle with dispenser, which will be the one you will use to apply the color to your hair. Before, however, to dye your hair at home, if it is the first time that you use these products, you must do a small allergy test, following the indications that are present in the package itself, to be sure not to go through allergic reactions.

The tint should be applied to the hair roots directly and strand by strand, and considering that the exposure time is about 30 minutes, it is precisely the roots that will have to stay in contact with the dye for longer. Once you have reached all areas of your head, brushing well so that the product is arranged homogeneously, you can proceed with the application over the entire length of the hair, massaging and then wrapping them in a bun until the end of the exposure time. When you need to rinse, do it by starting with a little warm water and massaging very carefully all over the head, to eliminate any residual of tint on the scalp. Then rinse the entire hair for a long time, and finish the operation by applying the nourishing and color-fixing conditioner that is usually present in all the best brands. Done? Now you are ready to admire yourself!

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