The most stylish office pants have this in common

office pants

No ‘slouchy’ jeans, too low hems, bold almost baroque prints or bulky waists. The most stylish office pants have something in common: the simplicity of the classic.

The street style of fashion weeks, from Copenhagen, London, New York, Milan or Paris, gives us something really valuable: inspiration. There may be excessively quirky combinations, heterogeneous prints, vibrant colors and unique fabrics, but among Gucci logos, Chanel’s new flap bag and oversize garments we can find more simple ones, discreet and suitable for day to day.

Suit jackets, coats, spring blouses, high-heeled ankle boots, all this can be seen (and is seen) in the street style of these nerve-wracking weeks. Garments that we can easily include in our office looks. Even so, pants can be one of the most laborious challenges since they must be comfortable, sober and suitable for the work environment.

Choosing the most simple and classic is always a success, until you reach the street and the right number, go to work and find, without any surprise, another dozen black office pants.

The Fashion Week in Copenhagen, fortunately, has shown us what other types of pants can fit into looks of office, be comfortable, elegant and, at the same time, stylize the figure. Some of the peculiarities of these pants are their style, preferably straight, their color, preferably dark, their cut, preferably high and their print, preferably smooth.

12 most stylize office pants

Even so, fabrics such as vinyl or corduroy, prints such as squares or stripes, accessories such as belts or colors such as white  are also a valid and stylish option. In this selection of 12 stylish office pants we will be able to see how to combine each one of them and emerge victorious.

High-waisted pants with check pattern

stylish office pants

This is one of the styles that most stylizes, a simple, straight, dropped, high-waisted pants with a very discreet print. Although it is a checkered pants, being so small they do not add volume but on the contrary. Due to its color, it is easily combinable and very suitable for going to the office. In addition, since it is not a tight pants it is very comfortable.

Classic suit pants in various colors

stylish office pants

Classic suit pants (tapered) are another good choice and can be worn with the matching blazer or not. (Always the single- color look stylizes more thanks to continuity). To have more variety in the wardrobe and not always go for black, it is best to choose colors such as gray, green, navy blue or beige. If you want them to stylize more, combine them with (moderate) heels. Even so, this type of pants is perfect to wear with sneakers and give it a more informal touch.

High Waist Straight Blue Jeans

stylish office pants

There are people who go to work every day in jeans and if we should choose ones that stylize but are simple, these are them. It is best to opt for a high waist that subtly marks the waist and a straight cut that ends below the ankle. We must also avoid breaks, cuts or color mixing. Here less is more. To combine them, always with a heeled shoe or booty.

High-waisted straight pants in white

stylish office pants

It is one of the trend colors this season and we can include it in office looks without any problem. To stylize being this light color, we must choose some as in the image, high-waisted, straight and with a hem below the ankle (avoid all fishing pants). To create a harmonious combination we can choose, as in the image, for garments of similar colors, thus we will create a visual continuity that favors the figure. As for footwear, it is best to choose a heeled shoe, booty or sandal.

Lightly flared tile corduroy trousers

The single- color looks are the ones that most stylize the figure due to its continuity. So combining pants (straight and slightly flared hem) with a matching blazer is one of the best options to wear to work. In this case, the fabric is corduroy, perfect for winter.

Wide leg pants in black with white squares

stylish office pants

The squares and the tartan is a very fashionable print and if we want to include it in our office looks, the best thing is to opt for something simple, nothing in colors like red. These pants stylize thanks to their super high waist, their straight cut and their black color. The touch of trend comes with the subtle blank squares. If we want it to stylize even more, it is best to combine it with black ankle boots.

High-waisted pants in vinyl fabric

The vinyl is another trend this season, we have seen both in jackets, coats and pants. It can be perfect for a Friday in the office where we can risk a little more. These pants stylize thanks to their high waist, black color and straight cut (subtly flared). We love it, as in the image, combined with a knitted sweater and high-heeled shoes.

Flowy high-waisted pants with belt

The most stylizing characteristics of these pants are its high waist, its fluid and wide style and its belt. The latter manages to define the waist and, in contrast to the width of the legs, visually decreases its size. Its fluid fabric gives it that touch of elegance that all formal work pants need and the color, burgundy, is just perfect.

Black straight pants with slit

stylish office pants

We cannot rule out black pants, this has a different touch thanks to the opening in the hem. Being dark in color and straight cut, it is inevitable to stylize. It has a classic and elegant style perfect for the most formal looks. We like it combined with black garments or with a white knitted sweater. As for footwear, what most stylizes you is a sandal or high-heeled shoe.

Blue flared hem denim pants

Another option that stylizes for those who prefer to opt for jeans. It is a good option to choose a simple one with flared hem and without any breakage or striking detail. This color is one of the most elegant in terms of jeans, making it perfect for work looks. To really stylize we should avoid flat shoes and choose heels or sandals. We love them combined, as in the image, with a gray blazer.

White ‘mom’ ankle pants

This type of pants, white anklets, can be a perfect option to wear with not too formal work looks. It is an elegant color but if we want mom style jeans to stylize, we must combine it with high-heeled shoes, whether it be a shoe, sandal or booty. If it is the latter, it will be best in white.

Black skinny jeans

For a skinny pants to really stylize we must combine it with the appropriate garments and colors. A black denim is always a good option to wear to work with a more informal look; it is simple and combines with everything. Even so, if we want it to stylize, we must opt for a fine shoe of the same color and with a heel. We must avoid any slipper. Being a tight garment, it is best to choose a loose, long or oversized blazer.

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