Arin Hanson Net worth, His wife, girlfriend, age, brother, height

Arin Hanson Net worth

A man of many talents, Arin Hanson has been in the entertainment world since 2006. He is a respected sensation on the Internet and all entertainment: rapper, voice actor, composer, cartoonist, video player, comedian, and writer. He is also known for his wonderful animations, web series, voice work in various video games and shows. Arin’s YouTube channel, Egoraptor, has more than 2.7 million and a total of 459 million views. Today we share about Arin Hanson Net worth, His wife, girlfriend, age, brother, height, etc.

The American Internet personality began creating animated short films under the pseudonym “Egoraptor” for the NewGrounds website in 2001. His debut animation labeled: Final Fantasy 7 Flash Spoof was released in September 2004, after which he created his First excellent series entitled: Metal Gear Awesome for the website in 2006, precisely in February. He is also co-founder of the YouTube channel Game Grumps, which he launched in July 2012 along with fellow YouTube star Jon Jafari.

He works as the co-founder of the musical group, Starbomb, which was formed in 2013 along with fellow comedians/musicians/, Leigh Daniel and Brian Wecht. The group’s self-titled debut album was released in December 2013, while their second album was released a year later. Keep Reading code geass season 3

Who is Arin Hanson (Egoraptor)? Years

Also known as Egoraptor, Arin Hanson was born to a medical mother named Maurette Hanson and a musician father named Lloyd Hanson on January 6, 1987, in Margate, Florida. His full name is Arin Joseph Hanson. His father manages the Old Farts With Guitars website, where he talks about his trip as a musician and sometimes about family members while his mother runs a charity called Healing Horse Therapy. To celebrate his father’s birthday, Arin produced two Flash Films for him. The titles are: It’s dad’s birthday again! and happy birthday dad! It is said to have been expressed in the latter.

Hanson enrolled in Wellington High School but dropped out after two years. His mother would encourage him to try voice acting, which would lead to his move to Los Angeles.


Arin Hanson has a brother named Nate Hanson. His parents had him three years before Arin’s arrival in the world. Highline deduces that Nate is a successful pilot. However, it is not known whether he is married or not and what he is doing recently. The brothers share a cordial relationship and rely heavily on each other’s careers.

Wife or girlfriend?

The internet sensation is happily married to Suzanne Berhow, co-star of YouTube. The couple began dating in 2002 after meeting at a convention. They got engaged in 2011 and exchanged their wedding vows the following year at the Natural History Museum.

Popular known on YouTube as Suzy, Hanson’s wife was born on July 3, 1989, and is the youngest daughter of her parents’ six children. She has an identical twin sister named Jean, an older sister named Ginger and three brothers named Joey, Matt and Charlie. As assembled, Berhow’s twin sister, Jean is 15 seconds older than her and has her personal YouTube channel called Jean Bug.

Like her husband, Suzanne is a family name on the Internet. She directs her personal gaming channel titled: KittyKatGaming, under the nickname of Mortem3r and two other channels. Its main channel basically presents videos related to makeup and fashion. Sometimes, she shares videos of her cats on the channel too. His second channel he titled: Meeperfish is home to his cartoon projects. Her husband generally interprets the voice of her animated videos.

The third channel of Suzy is dedicated to his juggler. She plays the host on this channel and sometimes presents some guests on the channel. A former model, Arin’s wife occasionally co-hosts Steam Train and Table Flip as well. She currently lives in Glendale, California, with her husband and her kitten (Otto) and her cats: Mochi and Mimi.

There is no doubt that Arin is a public figure and a hero for many people, especially young people with an avid interest in technology. The nature of his career exposes him to both men and women, but the feeling of the Internet has never deceived his wife or been caught in the web of infidelity. In other words, he is not in an extramarital relationship with any girl. Although it is not known if Arin had had past relationships with women or not, he is happy with the woman who has been at his side since 2013.

Arin Hanson Net worth

Arin earns most of his wealth from voice acting and advertisements on his YouTube channels. For instance, Arin’s YouTube channel, Egoraptor, boasts over 475 million views. He is also the co-founder of the YouTube channel ”Game Grumps.” Game Grumps has over 4,595,000,000 views.

Considering that 1 million views on YouTube bring on average $2000, all these views translate in around 1 million dollars. Game Grumps also makes money from sponsorship deals from top companies. In conclusion, Arin Hanson has an estimated net worth of $1.2 million.


Arin Hanson boasts an average body constitution, weighs 82 kilograms and is 1.88 meters or 6 feet 2 inches. The color of the YouTuber’s eyes and hair is dark brown and its other body measurements are not available at this time.

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