What hair colors gives you more?

What hair colors gives you more?

What hair color gives you more?  A well-defined look must be thought out and created giving particular importance to every detail, therefore not only to the wedding dress but also giving prominence to the hair. In view of the wedding, in fact, the desired nuance must be clear in order to begin a gradual work to obtain the desired result and show off a wedding hairstyle like a real movie star. Follow our tips to understand which color gives you more!

1. RonzeWhat hair colors gives you more?

Among the latest hairstyle trends, there are some that have literally driven thousands of women crazy, especially among social networks like Instagram; one of these tendencies is undoubtedly the buzz, an enchanting blend of bright reds characterized by reflections of gold.

To whom it is suitable: the humming can be declined to all types of complexion paying attention to graduate well the intensity of the red; for very clear skin at Emma Stone the living reds will be more than good, for more olive-like tones instead, better to keep on dark reds; finally, for medium-light undertones, amber reflections are the right choice. It is one of the best hair colors.

Cut : for this type of color you could decide whether for a long cut climbed in order to achieve a beautiful hairstyle bridal long hair, to bring both loose and collected, but you could also opt for a medium bob with chin-length where in this case you will have to think of a short hair bride hairstyle .

2. BlorangeWhat hair colors gives you more?

A color born almost by mistake instead is the blorange, the union between brown and blonde, launched by the beautiful Georgia May Jagger, which seems to have come out after a wrong color! Well, what to say, the result is a truly incredible fishing orange and certainly out of the ordinary.

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To whom it is suitable: this color is perfect for women with a very light complexion and clear eyes, so to combine in the case with a blue-eyed bridal makeup, in order to highlight even more the clear reflections. But, if you really like this shade and your skin is a tendency to the olive, you could do it by playing to darken the nuances. It is one of the best hair colors

Cut: needless to say that this type of color is perfect for long and wavy hair, but for the wedding, you could always opt for a ‘ lateral wedding hairstyle.

3. BrouxWhat hair colors gives you more?

Another mix with brown, this time made with the rouge, or red, giving life to a really intense color, the broux. Even this could be the perfect solution for your hair on day X, but let’s see who gives more. To whom it is suitable: the broux is a very intense nuance of red that can adapt to any type of complexion, from very light to darker ones, perfect if you have decided to get married in winter. Cutting: also, in this case, the most suitable cut is a long climb in order to favor the play of shades, in fact, the only rule to show it off to the best is to not uniform the color but to vary it as much as possible. It is one of the best hair colors

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4. Platinum blondeWhat hair colors gives you more?

Not only warm colors but also slightly more chilly tones like platinum blonde, which is also one of the trendiest nuances for this year’s brides, to be worn in its most extreme shade to become silver. Who is suitable: this color with glacial tones is undoubtedly the most suitable for women with a complexion tending to ivory tones combined with eyes ranging from green to blue, on the contrary, to make it on olive complexions would not give the desired results. It is one of the best hair colors

Cut: for hair cutting instead you can indulge yourself, from shorts to the boy, to medium long bobs, each type of length can be well worn with the shades of platinum blond, and maybe on the wedding day stand out with accessories on your wonderful hairstyle combine both with a natural and more elaborate bridal makeup .


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