How to organize a year-end party? 10 perfect tips

How to organize a year-end party

If you are organizing a year-end party to receive 2019 in a big way, surrounded by your family and friends, make everything perfect and do not leave anything to chance. We offer you 10 perfect tips that you must keep in mind so that the celebration is a guaranteed success. Do not miss them!

Just as on December 24 those who wait most midnight are the children of the house, eager to open the gifts, in the case of the 31 the emotion is also shared by young people and adults who, with the hope of starting a better year than the previous.

How to organize a year-end party

They celebrate in advance with family and friends in festivities that include everything from good music to games and drinks. For 2019 to start with positive energy, a guide to organizing the party.

year end party planning

1. Plan

What do you need to set up a party? Music, food, drinks, invitations, establish the space where it will take place and arrange it with good taste.

Ask for help

2. Ask for help

Do not feel hesitate to ask for support from family members or some of your closest friends for the organization. Delegate what you need to not have to leave anything aside and be able to put together a complete party.


3. Arrange music

It is the backbone of the party. Build a good playlist on your iPod with songs that invite you to dance. Borrow or rent an amplifier with two powerful speakers and make the music go through your veins.


4. Invitations

Some will already be aware of the party while others probably have not yet heard. Take advantage of technology and send invitations by email in a minute. One option is to use, another is to put together an event on Facebook.


5. The food

Ideally, guests should arrive after dinner. However, it is important to offer them something to snack on throughout the night. Think of eggs stuffed with pate or tuna, Vittel tone, some simple salads, cold meats, flavored bread, and spreads. Do not be afraid to put together something pot-luck style and let each one take a plate.

Organize the space

6. Organize the space

People feel comfortable to dance, can move easily and are not crowded. Remove all objects that can break and furniture that interfere.

setting of the place

7. The setting of the place

It will define the energy and predisposition of your guests. Turn the place into a dance floor and surprise them with a dry ice machine, colorful reflectors, a mirrored sphere.


8. The bathroom

This is a detail that is not usually taken into account. Think you will use it all, several times at night. Remove your personal utensils and make room. Hang a garland on the mirror, put colored candles …

drinks for party

9. The drinks

Make sure you buy a good champagne and in sufficient quantities so that no one is missing. Set up a table where to place the glasses (you can rent them), the bottles inside buckets with ice and some napkins.


10. The hostess

The important thing is the joy and the desire to enjoy. The ideal host is one who transmits security and tranquility to the rest. A stressed host is a bad omen for the year that begins. Therefore, teach them how to have fun!

Starting on January 1 following some traditional customs is fun and well predisposes the guests. The classic option of eating 12 grapes or raisins (making a wish for each of them) before the toast helps to express the aspirations of the diners for the year to come.

Unlike Christmas Eve, which is more familiar, the New Year is received in a big way. With celebrations that last until dawn. What to do to have fun guaranteed without the excess of the disorder?

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