What your t-shirt says speaks volumes

Ever wondered why someone in the street will smile at you for no apparent reason? Ever notice others giving you a wide berth. It’s not how you look physically, it might be something to do with what you’re wearing. Your t-shirt is one of the biggest indicators of who you are. It’s like a kind of branding. Go out with a certain type of t-shirt and you are making your card one way or the other to ensure that people know exactly where you are coming from. If you want to show that you’re a stylish sort of chap then it might be an idea to try out some levi t-shirts for men/ The internet supplier EJ Menswear will be more than happy to help you out.

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It is the same with your colour choice. The Black t-shirt is the realm of the Goth, or at least it was until the whole Gym going public got a hold of it. There was a time when going to the gym involved decent pastels like blue and yellow. This was a very 1980’s kind of look but it was the only time that you saw men actually engaging with colour.

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Therefore be very careful what you wear on your t-shirt. The social consequence can be dire and the last thing that you need in this day and age is to find yourself ostracised for the slightest infraction. It’s a much better idea to stick to a nice plain colour like white, red or blue. Don’t try a combination of all three at once. It seems that people are very quick to jump to assumptions these days.

Author: Richard Brown

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