Diabla, dark and spicy side of Spanish cuisine

Diabla sauce

Today we have the diabla sauce, so you can accompany your delicious preparations. We know how important it is for you to have a good sauce to give your dish that special touch. Consequently, today we are going to explain the recipe in a very simple way. This will probably make you include it in your cookbook.

Diabla sauce: the best sauces in our dishes

We know that sauces are a fundamental part of the kitchen and are one of the essential pillars of this art. The great chefs of the world tend to think very well about the sauces in their dishes. Above all, because with it they can make a difference.

As a result of a good sauce, a dish can go from being basic to becoming an explosion of flavors that make your senses fall in love. And that is what we are looking for, that both you and your companions fall in love with a dish that has the diabla sauce.

Each type of dish has its own requirements regarding the sauce it should have.  Some vegetables with an aurora sauce, meat perhaps with a Bordeaux sauce, or pasta with a rich pesto.

Of course, this does not mean that we will not experiment, we must always be creative. We can make new versions of dishes by adding the diabla sauce and discover the nuances that it gives.

We can be creative and make many versions of dishes with diabla sauce.

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Cooking is an art that requires passion, creativity, discipline, and talent. We have already seen in many episodes of MasterChef on RTVE how they talk about the requirement of sauces.

Can you imagine preparing a sauce whose flavor makes your dish transcend itself? Provoke a unique moment in your diner, almost like listening to a subtle melody. We dream about that, for our diner and for ourselves, of course. For this reason, we are going to really enjoy our diabla sauce with any accompanying dish.

Due to this, we try to go looking for recipes whenever they seduce our palate. On this side, we like sweet touches, and we are fascinated by spicy touches. For this reason, we decided to share the diabla sauce recipe today. A little bit of spice for our life does not make us feel bad.

About the hot sauce

The recipe you are citing us today is a spicy sauce that is made in many Spanish kitchens. As a result of the Spanish sauce, which is also known as dark sauce or brown sauce, the diabla sauce is born. Likewise, many cooks call it Spanish mother sauce, since many other sauces derive from it.

You can see in some dishes how they attribute the nickname “a la diabla” for carrying the sauce. For example shrimp a la diabla, eggs a la diabla, or even chicken a la diabla.

The dishes are diabla sauce, they can be chicken a la diabla, eggs a la diabla, even pasta a la diabla.

Diabla sauce can be served with various dishes

Of course, the accompaniment of the diabla sauce is not exclusive to the dishes mentioned above. In other words, we are hungry to imagine the sauce with roast meat, with pasta, and of course with barbecue.

To take into account in the preparation

To begin with, and although we like spicy, we are aware that not everyone usually likes the same graduation. So don’t worry, you can vary it to your liking. It is about making the recipe very yours, so much so that it remains family.

In summary, it depends on the dish with which they are going to accompany it, the use of aromatic herbs can also vary a little. Above all, we have to make free use of our culinary intuition, to see what it tells us, and who knows later if our diabla sauce becomes famous.

As always, we have to be careful to take care of and pamper our ingredients a lot. They are the base that articulate and give all the flavor to our diabla sauce. We must have the base of the Spanish sauce made, it is very important. Nothing happens if they have it from the day before. In fact, the better, this way it will concentrate its flavor.

The diabla sauce is part of the Spanish sauce, and better if it is from the day before.

Diabla sauce, a spicy touch for your dishes

Ingredients for the sauce

  • 1 shallot.
  • Touch of ground chili.
  • 200 grams of Spanish sauce.
  • Ground black pepper.
  • 150 grams of dry white wine.
  • A touch of fine herbs.
  • 1/2 bay leaf.
  • 15 grams of vinegar.
  • 1 sprig of thyme.
  • Salt to taste and a pinch of sugar .

How to make today’s salsa recipe

  1. First, to start our diabla sauce, we are going to peel the shallot, then we chop it very small. We take a saucepan, add a little wine, vinegar and place the shallot. We add bay leaf, pepper, and thyme.
  2. To continue, we put it on medium heat and wait until it boils. When we did this, we lowered the heat and began to let our sauce reduce. We are moving very little until it is reduced to two-thirds.
  3. Being reduced, we add the Spanish sauce, we put a pinch of sugar. Mix very well, and then let it reduce for a couple more minutes.
  4. To finish the preparation of our diabla sauce, we have to note that the result is a dense and fine sauce. At that time, we add the chili and a touch of fine herbs. We taste the sauce, rectify the salt. We must make sure to remove the half bay leaf. If it is to our liking, we can add a splash of extra virgin olive oil. And voila, we have our devil sauce.

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