Do-It-Yourself Activated Charcoal Mask at Home

Lately I have become much more attentive to the care of my skin. That’s why I’m always looking for new products and recipes to try, with only one goal: to have a soft skin like a child!

By now, the fact that in many creams and cosmetics there are substances potentially harmful to ourselves and/ or the environment, it is no longer a mystery. Personally, I do not consider myself a “fixed” with completely organic products, especially with regard to makeup, but at least for products aimed at cleaning the skin I try to avoid certain categories of substances.

The first recipe that I have experimented on myself and that I want to propose to you today is the now famous activated charcoal mask. The most famous is the miraculous (or so it seems)peel-off mask, those masks that once dry come off the face. I have instead reproduced a more “homemade” version, always black, always with charcoal, but after the laying you will have to wash it like a very common mask.

Why the activated charcoal mask?

Activated carbon has oxidant properties and absorbsexcess sebum on the skin. It is therefore suitable for impure and /or oily skin. On my skin, which is mixed with acne tendency especially on the chin, I have noticed in a short time the big improvements. The pimples were immediately much less swollen and inflamed and the skin was on the whole really very soft!

How to do? The list of ingredients is rather short:

  • A vegetable carbon tablet
  • Half a teaspoon of honey
  • 2 drops of tea tree oil (optional)
  • Water as needed
  • Half a teaspoon of rice starch

The procedure is very simple. Ina bowl that is not too big, put the crumbled charcoal pellet (it will make it easier to melt it), the honey and add a teaspoon of very hot water. Stir until the charcoal has melted completely and you have not obtained a creamy consistency. If you have it, add tea tree oil, excellent for acne skin thanks to its high astringent and disinfectant power. If necessary add more water(always little at a time) and rice starch. The latter ingredient will act as a thickener, but will also be very useful for its anti-inflammatory properties.Mix well and spread on the face (clean, I recommend) with a brush or with your hands.

Now make yourself comfortable, a nice herbal tea, some music and a good book. Leave the mask for 15 to 30 minutes (adjust according to your skin) and rinse with lukewarm water. At the end, a tonic paste and a veil of moisturizing cream, you will feel how wonderful!

You? Have you ever tried it or do you have any advice for me? Let me know!

Author: Richard Brown

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