Smell From Shoes: How To Treat Shoes From An Unpleasant Smell?

Smell From Shoes: How To Treat Shoes From An Unpleasant Smell?

The unpleasant smell from shoes brings discomfort not only to its owner but also to those around him. Even if the shoes themselves are worth not small money, but the smell emanating from them does not cause “delight” – this is, rarely, a minus to your reputation. Especially with such a problem can be faced in the summer, when the sweating of the body is higher than in the rest of the year. But even in the winter, when we wear warm insulated shoes of some people, it does not bypass such embarrassment.

It is very important to understand that the unpleasant smell from shoes is a clear sign of bacteria breeding in it, which can easily cause a fungal disease!

Causes of unpleasant smell from shoes

Firstly? You should not be ashamed of such a problem, because even the cleanest people face it. You just need to understand the immediate cause and try to eliminate it.

Smell From Shoes: How To Treat Shoes From An Unpleasant Smell?

First of all, excessive perspiration at its owner becomes the cause of an unpleasant smell. Most likely such a person walks a lot. And if in open shoes he may not even come across the issue of the smell of sweat from his feet, then when wearing sneakers or shoes – this becomes a big question.

In fact, our sweat is only 2% composed of salts, acids, trace elements, hormones, and cholesterol. All the rest is water. So there is usually no odor in an open environment. But in the closed space of closed shoes with high humidity, bacteria and tend to multiply, becoming the cause of the terrible stench.

In addition to excessive sweating, there may also be causes: toxins in the body, cheap shoes, rare washing of feet, and lack of care for shoes.

Smell From Shoes: How To Treat Shoes From An Unpleasant Smell?

Eliminate the cause of bad smell from shoes

There may be several. We list the main ones.

Foot hygiene

From the very beginning, you need to constantly ensure that your feet are clean and washed. It is best to wash them with soap and washcloth in the morning and evening, exactly the same way as brushing your teeth. Moreover, experts advise not only to rub the feet but also to wash the dirt between the fingers, where the largest number of microbes and bacteria is collected.

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After washing the feet, they can be treated with salicylic powder or a specialized foot deodorant, which is sold in pharmacies.

Smell From Shoes: How To Treat Shoes From An Unpleasant Smell?

Periodically it is recommended to bring you pleasure in the form of foot baths. In hot water, you can add tea tree extract, tincture of oak bark, citric acid or salt with soda.

Change clothes

Exactly the same as we do with dirty clothes, soaked in sweat in the heat, it is worth doing with socks. The best advice would be to carry a pair of spare socks with you if you can’t change them at home for lunch. Of course, it would be great to wash your feet before changing them, but if this is not possible, then you can do only a change of socks.

Shoes are also best to try to change more often and not to wear one pair. At work, if conditions allow, it will be useful to have one or two pairs of interchangeable shoes, so as not to steam lower limbs in boots or shoes.

Smell From Shoes: How To Treat Shoes From An Unpleasant Smell?

The same goes for sports. For running or training in the gym is not enough to have one pair of sneakers. It is necessary to alternate two or three pairs. And best of all, the sneakers were of high quality, since they will have to be washed after every second or third (if not the first) workout and it will not be pleasant if they fall apart.

Foot fungus

It happens that no means or advice just helps. Then it is worth to consult a doctor for prescribing drugs and medicines, as the fetid odor of the legs can be a clear sign of an already acquired fungal disease.

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Do a pedicure

Another important moment of foot care is pedicure. In addition to baths, try to monitor the condition of the nails and get rid of the horny skin of the feet. So it tends to soften under wet conditions, then more bacteria are collected on it, which leads to a bad smell and a fungus.

Smell From Shoes: How To Treat Shoes From An Unpleasant Smell?

Slagging organism

Often the cause of sweating feet is not a healthy lifestyle, the use of fast food, as a result – the slagging of the body. Therefore, first of all, you need to start to monitor your own lifestyle, food and exercise, go to saunas and baths.

To rid your body of toxins, the most ideal option would be to consult a doctor during a personal consultation on complex cleansing. It is the doctor who will write out the most suitable diet and advice for you, which without harm will relieve your body of excess burden.

In addition to medical advice to slagging and the cause of excessive sweating can be attributed to smoking, neglect of alcohol and other bad habits. The same applies to the excessive consumption of sweet and tasty. Therefore, try to at least limit yourself in your “bad habits”.

Properly care for shoes

To avoid the bad smell of sneakers, boots or shoes you need to keep all your shoes in a place with good ventilation. In a pinch, at least, just after wearing socks for a few hours to put them on the balcony. Another important point of clean shoes will be the new insoles. It is recommended to change them every few months with constant wear.

Smell From Shoes: How To Treat Shoes From An Unpleasant Smell?

If your shoes get wet or have already soaked with sweat, then dry them thoroughly. Today, for this there are special dryers that can be bought in the store or on the Internet. Yes, and they are not expensive, so it is quite accessible to everyone.

Try to buy shoes from natural materials that allow the foot to breathe. To ensure that it lasts longer, and once again does not get wet, use specialized water-repellent sprays. They can be purchased at any shoe store.

Smell From Shoes: How To Treat Shoes From An Unpleasant Smell?

And, of course, love your shoes! Then you will not allow her to be in the wrong state.

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