Home Fitness Equipment For Weight Loss

Home Fitness Equipment For Weight Loss

Who said that in order to lose weight, you must necessarily run to the gym or to work out on fitness? Many ladies for some reason cannot permanently leave the house. Someone is sitting with a baby on maternity leave, some do not want to attend classes, as they are ashamed of their body, others are afraid to leave their naughty husband alone (what if he does) – anything can happen. But let it be no excuse for anyone. Get rid of extra pounds without leaving your home, perhaps, for this perfect home fitness equipment. Immediately make a reservation that the pleasure is not cheap, but beauty requires sacrifice, including financial.

Home Fitness Equipment For Weight Loss

In this article, you will learn which home fitness equipment you can buy to lose weight. Read and take a closer look!

Slimming treadmill

Hearing or reading the phrase “home fitness equipment”, many in the first place represent the treadmill. This device has a moving blade. The athlete stands on it, turns on and adjusts the speed. With the help of the simulator, you can walk or run at home. If you plan to purchase such a device, be careful and do not start immediately at high speeds. Consider that classes on the treadmill require increased concentration, because you should be distracted for at least a second, and you may be on the floor. Briefly describe the advantages of this device, we can highlight:

  • the possibility of increasing speeds, which will increase the load on the body and help burn calories faster;
  • the possibility of increasing the load by lifting the simulator at a certain angle;
  • Usefulness of classes: running will strengthen the cardiovascular system and generally improve the overall condition of the body.

Home Fitness Equipment For Weight Loss

Now about the unpleasant:

  • High price. Such a pleasure will cost at least (!) $ 200 for the “weak” model. Better devices cost between $ 1000 and $ 2500.
  • Dimensions. This home adaptation requires a lot of space, so if you have a small apartment, you will have to look for an alternative.
  • High noise. Your neighbors will surely hear you stomping on the canvas.

Despite all the shortcomings, the simulator is effective. Judging by the reviews, he has helped many girls lose weight, so they will certainly help you out. But keep in mind that there are contraindications: you can not engage on a treadmill for varicose veins, problems with joints (in particular, knees), serious lung diseases and diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Exercise Bike – Perfect for Women

Selecting home designs for sports, take a look at the exercise bike. It’s like a small copy of a bicycle, with the difference that you don’t go anywhere on it. To lose weight with it, you need to sit on the seat and pedal, which will “resist”. The higher the resistance level you expose, the harder it will be to turn them, and therefore more energy will be needed.

Home Fitness Equipment For Weight Loss

Unlike a treadmill, this home trainer is more compact, but its price is not lower. The load during exercise is moderate, and therefore it takes more time to burn a lot of calories. On average, one workout should last at least an hour. The device is quite interesting: modern models show on the screen how many kilometers you “drove”, how fast pedals and so on. Also, the simulator loads the joints less, which is a big plus.

On the device is not recommended to do if you have:

  • serious back problems;
  • there are diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • diseases like asthma or tuberculosis.

Home Fitness Equipment For Weight Loss

Orbitrek: ride and lose weight

Many consider the best home simulator orbitrek. According to the mechanism of work, it is similar to an exercise bike, however, it should be engaged in standing. You become feet on special platforms that you can turn forward and backward, and that is logical, twist them. They also have a certain user programmable resistance. Classes on orbitrek cannot be called boring, because the device has many different modes, shows your progress, and even is able to measure the pulse. The simulator uses almost all muscle groups, and therefore the benefits of its use are colossal. The device works almost silently, so you can do it calmly without worrying about causing discomfort to someone.

Home Fitness Equipment For Weight Loss

Such a home simulator practically does not stress the joints, therefore, even those people who have recently undergone an operation on them can do it. Looking at the process of training with orbitrek from the side, we can conclude that this is similar to skiing, or rather, “skiing”. In general, there are practically no drawbacks to such a device, with the exception of one – the high price.

Stepper: rise, but not up

If you have ever had to go up to the 9th floor without an elevator, you know how difficult it is. However, the steps up the steps are good for the body, as well as a great help in losing weight. As a home trainer, you can easily use the stepper. This is a device that imitates climbing stairs: you need to shift the weight from one foot to the other and do it for quite a long time. The device can be sold with or without a handle, but it does not matter, because it is very easy to keep balance on it.

Home Fitness Equipment For Weight Loss

The simulator has several advantages:

  1. It is very compact, and therefore can be used in any area of the apartment.
  2. The device weighs little, so moving it from place to place is not a problem.
  3. The device effectively burns calories, as it is quite difficult to practice on it.
  4. Stepper is inexpensive. This is the cheapest simulator from our list: anyone can afford it.

However, the disadvantages of home appliances are:

  • The stepper only loads the legs, and the upper part of the body is practically not involved in the process of training.
  • Training is pretty boring and monotonous. In cheap models, it is even impossible to regulate the resistance force, and therefore you can quickly get used to the load, which makes the effectiveness of training decreases.
  • If you want to get rid of excess fat specifically in the area of the legs, then such a home trainer, like a stepper, is perfect for you.

Home Fitness Equipment For Weight Loss

Rowing machine: an effective device for burning fat from the abdomen and sides

All of the above home appliances more involved legs, but the rowing machine is great for burning fat from the abdomen and sides. It is called so because it mimics rowing. Different models of such devices work differently, but the essence is always the same: you sit on the seat, put your feet on special platforms, and pull the arms towards you with your hands. So you shake the press, strengthen the shoulders and get rid of the sides. The simulator practically does not use the legs, and the lessons on it cannot be long because they are very tiring, so it is recommended to use it together with other devices.

Home Fitness Equipment For Weight Loss

Among the advantages can be identified:

  • excellent load on the upper body;
  • compact size;
  • High efficiency.
  • Disadvantages of a home trainer:
  • high cost (although cheap models also exist);
  • no load on the lower body;
  • The monotony of training.

The vibrating massager is a great assistant after training.

The vibrating massager is a device with a special belt that is worn on certain areas of the body and begins to vibrate. If someone tells you that with the help of him you can lose weight, do not believe him. However, the device deserves a place on our list, because it helps to relax the muscles after grueling workouts. When you have used all the available home fitness equipment, a vibrating massager will help you to take the pain off your muscles, which will make a pleasant massage and relax you. It is believed that with the help of vibration the blood supply to the skin is ensured, which makes it more toned and elastic.

Home Fitness Equipment For Weight Loss

And finally

It is important to understand that all of the above home fitness equipment will be effective only if you lead a healthy lifestyle, in particular, to eat right. To burn weight, you need to consume fewer calories than you spend daily, and then those extra pounds will quickly leave your body. Arm yourself with the knowledge gained in the article and lose weight without leaving your home!

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