How To Choose A School For A Child?

School, compared with kindergarten, a higher stage of development of a small person. The choice of profession and place of work depends on the quality of teaching and the versatility of knowledge. The moral and psychological climate of an educational institution forms the character of a person, influences the success of building a family, friends and business relations. Learn how to choose a school for the child.

How To Choose A School For A Child?

Seven important criteria for choosing a primary school

The task of parents is to find an educational institution with a suitable program, a healthy psychological climate, and the organization of useful leisure activities. All criteria are chosen in relation to the inclinations, temperament, and health of the child.

The main thing is that the kid in school should feel comfortable, study with interest, and establish contact with classmates and teachers. The result of the wrong choice of institution is the humiliation of human dignity, the inability to learn knowledge and friendly participation.

The main criteria for choosing a school include:

  • specialization, training system, level of education;
  • order, tradition and psychological climate in the school;
  • logistics;
  • the identity of the first child teacher;
  • nutrition;
  • security;
  • Distance from home.

To choose an institution, make your own impression:

  • ask for the opinions of students and parents;
  • collect reviews online;
  • go to school with your child;
  • Talk to the principal and the teachers.

How To Choose A School For A Child?

How to choose a school based on feedback from parents and students?

Gone are the days when children were identified in an educational institution at the place of residence. The laws of the Russian Federation give parents the right to choose an educational institution at will (not according to registration). Along with paid institutions, secondary schools, gymnasium schools, and state gymnasiums compete for high ratings.

  1. Talk to your neighbors, go to the facility’s courtyard and chat with expectant children. Ask people about the psychological climate in the school, the nature of communication administration with students and parents.
  2. Collect information about the reputation of the institution. Take into account the official rating of the school (you can learn about it on the Internet). Learn about the best students whose images are placed on the institution’s honor board. Count how many medalists, winners of Olympiads and people who have achieved fame.
  3. If there are less than 3-5 students with medals in the graduation, this is a school with a low level of teaching. More than 10-15 medalists – an institution focused on the most gifted children. You should not choose this school: in it, teachers pay little attention to the majority of children.
  4. Stable achievements in competitions and contests – at least 10-15 winners – are an indicator of a strong teaching team. When for a long time, none of the guys wins in the competition – a sign of stagnation in the educational process.

When choosing a school, look for information on the Internet. If there are conflicting reviews, pay attention not to emotions, but to the facts:

  • dates, places and detailed descriptions of events;
  • mention of the same names of teachers;
  • The presence of contact commentators.

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How To Choose A School For A Child?

Tips for parents

When choosing an institution, read the basic program information. Study the reviews, asks the neighbor’s child for a textbook to form your own opinion.

Another important feature when choosing a school for a child is specialization. Often the knowledge gained in the initial institution, determine the future profession of a person and affect the choice of university and work. In honor – English, and computer special schools.

How To Choose A School For A Child?

Educational institutions teach children basic (theoretical) knowledge in basic subjects. In the programs of specialized agencies, more attention is paid to a certain direction: humanitarian, technical, creative knowledge.

Depending on the inclinations of your son or daughter, select:

  • An educational institution with a mathematical bias – for children with developed logical thinking;
  • Gymnasium – for creatively gifted children;
  • Gymnasium – for kids with increased abilities.

Often, prominent scientists teach in gymnasiums. Institutions teach rhetoric and logic, allow arguing with teachers, encouraging the desire to defend their opinions. Regularly arrange disputes on the selected topic.

The choice of school for the child based on personal dating

When deciding on an educational institution, immediately count on the full term of study (9-11 years). Choose a time to get to know your future school with your child. Evaluate the order in the institution.

A dilapidated situation is a sign of disorganization, not a lack of funding. Indirect evidence of the streamlined educational process – a convenient location of the gym, library, first-aid post, different floors for teaching toddlers and high school students.

Ensure that school equipment is suitable for first graders. See how bright the classrooms, comfortable changing rooms and sanitary facilities in the toilets. Visit the special rooms for work, computer room. Rate how the school is equipped with visual accessories for the study of mathematics, natural history, and other subjects.

Make a general impression of the accuracy of the premises. The criterion relates to large things and trifles:

  • wall coverings, floors, ceilings;
  • equipping toilet cabins with constipation;
  • The presence of soap in the sinks.

A large number of unjustified improvements – chairs with velvet upholstery, expensive plumbing, air conditioning – evidence of regular fees from parents.

When choosing a school, pay attention to the behavior, communication, type of students. The advantages of the organization include:

  • neat kids clothes;
  • the lack of cosmetics on the faces, on the body – expensive jewelry;
  • Moderate noise during recess.

How To Choose A School For A Child?

How, when choosing a school, assess the professionalism of the first teacher for a first-grader?

The main rule – views on the upbringing of the child and parents should be the same. The first teacher lays the moral values of man. A good teacher sees in the students’ people, encourages reasonable initiative, and welcomes friendly participation.

It is not recommended to give children to the old school teachers who humiliate the children, encourage informing and humility. Hypersensitivity, compromise, lack of will – the result of such education.

Find out the opinion of friends about the presence of children in the classroom who are constantly offended, or vice versa, the teacher indulgently treats the pranks of a particular child. A weighty indicator is an ingratiation of the teacher in front of wealthy parents, the tendency for gifts.

Take a closer look at how the class teacher is talking to parents and children. Tell the teacher about the strengths and weaknesses of your child’s character, skills, inclinations. Look at the reaction of the teacher. Ask for a demonstration lesson to evaluate the manner of presentation, the ability to capture the attention of the class, the credibility of the students.

How to choose a school with good nutrition?

Good nutrition is the basis of a child’s health and academic success. Go to the dining room, feel the smell in the room. Is it the flavor of freshly baked or sour cabbage? Is there a person on duty who makes sure that the children wash their hands, the kids do not choke, and the high school students do not push the neighbors while eating?

Assess the equipment and the situation in the power supply: dining room furniture, dishes, trays, washstands, hygiene products. See how well the tables and the dispensing rack are cleaned, and enjoy the varied menu. There are dairy dishes, herbs, drinks on a natural basis? Make sure the first dish is moderately hot; the cold one is cooled reasonably.

How To Choose A School For A Child?

How to choose a safe school for the child?

Parental responsibility is to anticipate possible dangers that can happen to a child on the way to school, the adjacent territory and in the premises of the institution. Assess the state of the sports ground near the school and the indoor hall. Broken bars, turnstiles, shells are objects of potential danger.

Take a closer look at the guards. This is an old woman of retirement age, which is not enough for life, or an employee of a private security structure? The first option is imaginary protection. The best solution is a young guy who is prepared to curb incidents. The standard duties of a school guard include monitoring:

  • access control approved by the director;
  • Situations within the school and in the territory.

In case of emergency, security staff should call an ambulance, firefighters, the police. Choose a school in which a representative of the guard separates fighters, prevents theft and carefully checks the identity of strangers.

Which school is better: close to home or long distance?

The advantage of being close to an educational institution is the opportunity to spend a minimum of time on the road and safety, especially when studying on the second shift. The child is freeing time for walks, activities of his favorite sport or art.

It is important to choose a path with the high-quality road surface and brightly lit in the dark. It is bad when there are narrow paths between the garages on the way from school to home, busy highways without flow control. It is necessary to change the institution (or route) if there are objects dangerous to the child near the road: pubs, unkempt parks, abandoned houses. Increased risk factor – large-scale construction, designed for many years.

It is hardly possible to choose a school that meets all the recommendations at the same time. Given the characteristics of the child, focus on the main things.

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