Industries that need identity checks

Identity checks, like the ones that can be carried out by KYC software, like that from  are incredibly popular in a number of industries. The most common ones are education, medicine, and finance. The types of checks that need to be carried out include those that check that employees are eligible to work in the UK as well as having the right qualifications that are needed for the roles that they have applied for. In many cases, these are certified roles that require a deeper check to be made on the person applying for the role.

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Other identity checks include those that ensure that an individual is suitable for the position that they have applied for, in terms of their background. In education this means undertaking DBS checks to ensure that those who work in the school, college or other educational setting have not been convicted of a crime that would prevent them from being able to work with children or young people.

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In the finance sector checks are made on a person’s identity to make sure that they are who they say they are. This is done to ensure that they do not apply for accounts, loans, or mortgages that they are not eligible for. Property, in particular, is one of the many ways that criminals involved in money laundering try to clean the money so that it can be used without its criminal origins being identified.


Author: Richard Brown

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