How to prepare for a cold winter

This year we have experienced some extreme heatwaves and the average temperatures have increased, along with the highest temperatures experienced on record, being dramatically increased. This has led many people to wonder whether we will now have a wetter, warmer winter or whether we might see record breaking temperatures once again. In order to prepare for a cold winter there are a number of things that you can do.

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Heating systems – in order to ensure that your heating system is in full working order you should ensure that you work with a Boiler Service Gloucester company such as to have your system checked on an annual basis. These services can help to ensure that any problems that might be arising are picked up before winter sets in and this then allows you to be able to have the issues resolved and any repairs undertaken.

Windows and doors – it is important that you regularly check your windows and doors, and you should definitely do this before winter, to make sure that the glass is intact and that the sealant around the windows and doors is crack free. If you notice that some of the sealant is broken, you should have this replaced before the cold weather sets in.

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Car – there is nothing worse than heading out in the ice and snow to find that your car isn’t working or that the tyres can’t grip fully. This could be as a result of your tyre tread being too low or it could be an issue with the battery in your car. The best way to resolve this is to again ensure that you have your car serviced on an annual basis to make sure that it is safe to be on the roads.

Insulation – over time the insulation in your home may need to be topped up to ensure that it is working effectively. This can happen if you are in an older property and tends to happen in the attic space before anywhere else in your home. It is important that insulation is effective as it helps to prevent the heat you create in your home from escaping through the walls and the ceiling and roof space. This means there is more warmth in your home to help keep you comfortable during a cold winter.

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