6 outdoor games to play with children

There is no reason why your children can’t enjoy the outdoors as you probably did in your own childhood, helping them to burn energy and keep active.

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Outdoor play can also help children to gain skills using equipment such as wooden climbing frames. Here are six games to play outdoors, in the back garden, the park or your local area.

Obstacle course

An obstacle course in the garden is ideal for younger children. Toys and everyday objects can be used, including balls, hoops, cones and stones, for kicking, throwing and dribbling a ball. The obstacles can be different each time the game is played, so boredom should not be an issue!

Giant memory game

Recreate a game most children would have played on a screen. Take large sheets of card and draw sets of matching pictures, symbols or numbers on them. Then, place the cards upside down. Players take turns in trying to find matching pairs.

Garden twister

An outdoor take on the popular indoor game, apply four different colours of spray paint in circles directly on grass. Players are then challenged to touch a particular coloured circle with either their hand or foot.

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Tag with a difference

Combine tag with hide and seek by hiding five objects of different colours with corresponding face paint nearby. When a player finds the object, they mark their face with the colour. Another player will try to tag the player and if successful, remove the colour from their face. The winner is the first player to get all the colours.

Outdoor bowling

Create an outdoor bowling alley by reusing old plastic bottles as bowling pins. The great thing about this game is that children can use their creative skills first to paint the bowling pins before they play the game.

Bean bag challenge

Most homes have a step ladder. With the ladder open, each rung can be assigned points. Players throw bean bags between the rungs and the player with the most points will win the game. Simple!

Outdoor play is essential for children’s development, according to parental support organisation NCT. If you’re looking for a more permanent play fixture in the garden a visit to a company such as https://www.niclimbingframes.com/ could help for inspiration and ideas.

So, now the only thing that can spoil your children’s fun this summer is the weather!

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