How to make your bed look luxurious

Our bedrooms are a sanctuary in which we can relax and unwind. We spend one-third of our lives asleep; therefore, the place where we lay down our heads at the end of a busy day is of paramount importance. Follow these tips to create an inviting and luxurious sleep space.

Make your bed

Making your bed every day can have a positive impact on your mental health. It signifies a positive start to the day, helps to motivate, and provides a sense of accomplishment.

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Add a statement headboard

A statement headboard instantly makes your bed look more comfortable and provides a focal point. Choose a colour and fabric that complement your scheme, and opt for a padded headboard for instant glamour.

Add layers

Adding layers, such as pillows, blankets and throws, can give your bed an opulent feel and create a cosy place to sleep. Incorporate different textures, such as cotton, silk and bamboo, for a stylish look.

Coordinate your bedding

Choose bedding that reflects your style. Whether simple, classic and white or bold, patterned and maximalist, coordinate your pillowcases and sheets for the perfectly styled boudoir.

Buying a new bed doesn’t have to cost the earth, with a huge variety of sizes and styles now available at a purse-friendly price. From upholstered frames that exude sophistication to storage options for those looking to use space, finance-friendly payment options are also available in the form of pay weekly beds. Pay weekly beds means you can spread the cost of your purchase with convenient weekly payments.

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Your bed is one of the largest pieces of furniture in your home and one of the most important. With budget-friendly options, you can start your bedroom makeover project without the worry of large expenses taking over.

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