How To Make Lambrequin With Your Own Hands?

How To Make Lambrequin With Your Own Hands?

The first thing you notice in the new room is the window. Naturally, clean glasses and window sills give the owners cleanness and cleanliness, while good taste can be emphasized by skillfully selected curtains. Lambrequin gives a special refinement and a finished look to the curtains. This element of decor can be purchased in finished form in stores or salons, you can sew to order. But there is another way to decorate the interior – to make a pelmet with your own hands. Do not be afraid of the opportunity to not cope with the work – tips and recommendations suggested in the article will help you to make a beautiful pelmet at home, saving the family budget.

How To Make Lambrequin With Your Own Hands?

Today, one can only wonder at the huge number of different models of lambrequins. But it’s still better to start with simple, not too intricate models.

Step by Step Job Description

Perhaps the simplest model of the lambrequin is a simple rectangular version. Even a beginning dressmaker can sew this jewelry. The only thing that should be done is to strictly follow all the recommendations of experienced craftswomen.

Choose material

For the manufacture of lambrequins fit cuts of silk, organic cotton, linen, velvet or polyester. The main thing to remember when choosing a fabric – the most important quality of the material is the ability to keep the shape well. For curtains with lambrequin, preference should be given to dense material that drapes well and does not stretch.

How To Make Lambrequin With Your Own Hands?

Decide on the model and color

Pelmets can be soft and hard. Soft varieties include draped models. If you choose silk or any other lightweight material for sewing curtain parts, then the product will be elegant, light and airy. The lambrequin made of more dense material will fill the room with elegance, pomp, and respectability.

For the manufacture of solid models, you will need additional material that will help preserve the shape of the finished product. In this case, suitable flizelin – they glue the lambrequin preform, and then additionally make the lining of the same material.

When choosing a color scheme, give preference to materials of a contrasting color with curtains. But you should also consider the combination with the main colors of the interior. Recently, chameleon fabrics are the most popular. Their feature is the ability to change shades depending on the degree of illumination of the room.

How To Make Lambrequin With Your Own Hands?

Preparation of necessary materials and tools

Depending on the model you choose, you may need the following tools:

  • directly the fabric itself;
  • paper in order to make a pattern (if necessary);
  • lining fabric (if you sew a solid model);
  • long ruler or measuring tape;
  • pins (stapler);
  • tailor scissors;
  • thread to match;
  • sewing machine.

For convenience, when cutting fabric, you will need free space, so it is best to spread the material on the floor or a large, wide table.


A rectangular lambrequin is a wide strip of fabric. If you are planning to make a solid model, then the length of the workpiece must be equal to the length of the cornice. In the case of soft model sewing, the length of the part should be 1.5-2 times longer. Increasing the length will make the folds and drape.


Tailoring of a rectangular soft lambrequin

To the edges of the fabric during the work did not crumble, it is necessary to tuck them and hem the bottom and sides. The bottom of the part can be processed with a satin ribbon or decorative tape.

On the upper edge, sew the curtain tape or place hooks (clips) for fastening on the cornice at equal distances from each other.

How To Make Lambrequin With Your Own Hands?

Tailoring of a semicircular lambrequin (swag)

Give the interior a luxurious look with the help of a lambrequin of semicircles. Looks like a stylish decoration and soundly.

To decorate a window with such a model, you will need a trapezoid-cut fabric, where the sum of the lengths of the top and sides is equal to the length of the cornice. The blank of the required length needs to be processed along the edges, then the curtain tape should be sewn along the side edges and the adjustment cords should be tightened.

You can give a finished look to a pelmet, by making additional cascades or ties. Such elements are made by folding material of a certain shape with symmetrical folds.

How To Make Lambrequin With Your Own Hands?

Focusing on the step-by-step description of the implementation of the work on the lambrequin, you can decorate the window and diversify the interior of the room.

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