Tips to adapt your house if you work as a freelancer

work as a freelancer

Do you work from home as a remote, freelancer or freelance worker? In this case, the organization of the space is essential to achieve high levels of productivity and to have optimal working conditions to carry out your tasks if you work as a freelancer.

In the like offices should be designed to achieve the best comfort and performance of workers, or co-working spaces put all the key elements at your disposal to work in the best way possible, if you work from home as a freelancer or freelance and must conditioning your workplace, both to nurture your motivation and discipline, as well as for an adequate reconciliation or to adequately separate personal and work life, in addition to achieving the desired productivity rates.

So that you make the most of your work space at home, do not feel overwhelmed by the clutter or the few square meters and escapes from the multiple work distractions that may arise along the way, we have prepared for you the following battery of small tips.

How to adapt your home to work as a freelancer

Identify the most versatile space: If you work at home, you must “convert” a room in your small office or office, preferably if you have the space, exclusively dedicated to your professional activity, and therefore, to house your equipment and your elements indispensable work. It is recommended, for your concentration, that the working point be fixed.

Optimal conditions: Color, temperature and light are very important so that your office does not become a cave. The ideal temperature is between 22 and 25 degrees, while the luminosity between 500-1000 lux is optimal – the natural one even better. Regarding colors, if you receive customers at home, you can create a corporate identity and create your color palette in relation to your brand and the psychology of color. Plants transmit life and are a very positive decorative element.

Manage compatibility: If you live with more people -family, friends, partner, roommates- and you do not have a room or space in which to carry out your work exclusively, it is appropriate that you negotiate its conditions, which clearly define your schedules and run away from your leisure space. For example, even if you work at night, it is not appropriate to do it from the bedroom with your partner. On the contrary, it is also important to completely leave the workspace during your free time.

Zero noise: If possible, install your work corner as far as possible from noise sources, such as the street and traffic or the sound of household appliances.

Comfortable chair and good equipment: If you work with the computer, you must take care of your body posture to the maximum, so a good chair and a suitable screen for your vision will save you from eye and back problems. It should be remembered that the computer screen should be at eye level and in front position. In addition, the ideal distance between the screen and you is approximately 40 centimeters. In this article, we tell you how to improve your health if you work with the computer.

Order and cleanliness: A space with discarded clothes, full of scrambled papers, dust or food scraps, is not only unhealthy and unaesthetic, but can lower your productivity levels to hell. Have a cleaning calendar and your files in order along with all the elements of the space. In addition, you can have a gaming element for breaks.

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