5 programming languages ​​to specialize in 2020

programming languages

There are more than 700 programming languages, although you could say that there are about 20 that are the most popular. But with all of the above, it is essential that a good programmer knows at least two or three languages, mainly the most popular ones, to ensure that he will always have a good job.

As technology advances quite fast, and programming languages are changing according to those adopted by technology, it is essential that you know which programming languages you should specialize in year after year, and in 2020 things are already becoming a little clearer.

These are the programming languages that you will have to handle in 2020 …


One of the most popular and versatile on the market. Surely, you have heard it a few times, and it is practically a mandatory stop if you want to dedicate yourself to the world of programming. It is one of the most famous languages for scalable web applications, and it is tremendously easy to use within this niche. In addition, it is compatible with a lot of variables and easy to implement, and in fact some social networks such as Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest have been created using this language.


It is possibly the most widely used programming language in the world and also one of the most popular. It has been on the market for several decades and every developer should know how to program in Java. It is a fairly stable language and it is always in the first positions of the most popular and demanded year after year. It is especially useful for development-based work of all kinds, and it is also widely used for creating applications on the Android platform.

C / C ++

Although it has lost some popularity compared to how it was in the past, the truth is that practically most operating systems have been written in these programming languages. Also, if you have an interest in the development field at the system level, learning it is practically a must.

Being an extremely stable and fast language, it has a wide community behind it with a multitude of resources that will help you a lot both in learning and in greater specialization.


It is one of the most popular front-end languages on the market, and is mainly used in the design of various interactive applications. Many organizations and all kinds of companies delegate their responsibility to this programming language. These companies are currently marking the widespread use of NodeJS, which is a Javascript-based runtime environment with which developers can perform server-side scripts using such environment.


This language has been developed by Google, and with that it already has great importance. Companies use it in distributed systems for multi-processing environments. Interestingly, startups in Silicon Valley rely heavily on this programming language. Of course, it is now growing in popularity so you could try to focus on the previous programming languages in the first place, although it is clear that this Go language is extremely attractive, especially with a view to the future.

Practically these five programming languages are essential for this 2020, and at least if you want to be a programmer with a practically assured job, you should perfectly master a couple of them.

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Author: Sam Owens

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