Facial cleansing: The daily beauty rules!

Facial cleansing

The facial cleansing is a habit which can not be ignored, especially in the evening. But for perfect cleansing you need the right products and tools.

Facial cleansing and skin health

A proper facial cleansing is the basis of beauty and skin health. Not only is it washed to eliminate skin impurities, but also and above all to maintain its balance in the best conditions. Some think that cleaning your face thoroughly every day can damage it, but it is not so, as long as the cleaning of the face is not aggressive. In a nutshell, the hygienic action must not become more harmful than the stagnation of sebum, sweat and cell debris.

Face hygiene: Wipes, cotton wool or sponge?

Often you will have wondered how to properly cleanse your face at home and what are the right methods to get clean skin. In fact, the tools you can use for DIY face cleansing are very different from each other. They all mechanically remove skin impurities, but each of them has limits you need to know.

To begin with, cleansing wipes: these can be used in an emergency, but they cannot be part of the daily beauty routine. More useful, for the removal of dead cells, are the pads and the wadding that can help you eliminate make-up residues especially in the most delicate areas of the face such as eyes and lips.  The risk is that if you do not use them properly, they risk moving dirt from one part of the face to another. And then there is the sponge, which has the additional limit of having to be cleaned properly. For all these reasons, regardless of the tool used, always remember to complete the facial cleansing with the rinse.

The right cleanser for healthy skin

Even on facial cleansers, you are spoiled for choice. And also in this case you have to know its characteristics to use them in the right way and obtain a shiny skin. The general rule is not to compromise the hydrolipidic film of the skin: therefore you must avoid using detergents too rich in surfactants. The latter are used by the cosmetic industry to make the products more foaming, but the result is that they also become more aggressive for the skin. Some people resort to the classic bar of soap, as did our grandmothers: the bar of soap however, it has the limit, in some cases, of drying the skin and forming a residue on the washed surface; moreover, due to its loaf shape, it is less hygienic than other detergents, because you can touch it with your hands. Another product you can use for facial cleansing is micellar water, which allows you to remove dirt with extreme delicacy, even in the most sensitive areas. Even detergent oils are very useful in the cleaning of the face, especially if you have dry skin and if you have to remove a heavy makeup.

Facial cleansing: The steps

Do you want to know, therefore, what are the steps for cleaning the face? How to make it at home day after day? Here it is …

  • Start with a water (micellar) or an oil (especially in the case of removing Waterproof products).
  • continue with a cleansing milk (more suitable for sensitive and dehydrated skin) or with a gel (highly appreciated in seborrheic skin); remember to apply milk or gel on your face by carrying out even a small massage.
  • Finally, rinse thoroughly. Dry without rubbing, but gently pat your face.

Facial hygiene … natural

If you have particularly sensitive skin, you can focus on natural products : even a simple do-it-yourself face cleaning with baking soda and water can help eliminate dead cells. The bicarbonate can use it even making compresses with warm water: The heat and humidity will be used to dilate the pores of the skin and facilitate both the elimination of blacks points, is the healing of skin defects such as pimples / pimples.

You can also enjoy preparing an all-natural cleansing milk.

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