Why is it so Important to shred your Confidential Documents?

When it comes to confidentiality you can’t be too careful. In recent years, reports of fraud and data theft have hit the headlines which highlights how important it is to keep all of your data safe and secure, and out of the hands of criminals. Companies such as https://www.printwaste.co.uk/ provide a confidential shredding service – here are a few reasons why shredding your documents is so important …

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Preventing Identity Fraud – Identity fraud is very easy for a criminal – any document with a name or address is all it takes for someone to commit identity fraud, and fraudsters will happily go through bins to find this information, so remember, even if you don’t think there is enough information, you will be surprised – it is always better to destroy it.

Helping the Environment – Paper that is shredded can then go to be recycled afterwards, whereas if it is thrown in the waste bin it will just end up adding to the huge amounts of landfill already produced in the UK.

It is the Law – For all companies in the UK it is a legal requirement for companies to ensure that data relating to customers and staff does not fall into the wrong hands, and there are penalties and fines in place for companies that fail to comply with this.

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It is good to have a Clear Out – Having lots of old files that are not needed hanging around is no good for anyone – so getting rid of them  is also helpful when it comes to making the office a bit more tidy and organised.

Author: Richard Brown

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