Activated charcoal liquid soap: Benefits and how to do it at home

If you have not heard about coal liquid soap, do not worry. I came to discover this wonderful product just a few months ago and I regret not having found it before. During my adolescence, I suffered some time of rash among other skin problems. As usual at that time, I tried to control my problem with commercial products that were sold in the store. You know, those liquid soaps of recognized brands that promise the sun, the moon and the stars.

I must confess that some worked, but they left my skin extremely dry. However, I had to settle for what I had because, according to me, there was no other solution to my problem. How far I was from reality. It was not until I began to enter the world of home remedies that I discovered that there are many other options and best of all, natural.

Obviously, as with any commercial product, home remedies also have to be tested one by one to see which ones really work. Remember that not everything works equally for everyone. Therefore, we must continue looking for that magic remedy that ends our problem.

Rough skin is something that costs work and time to eradicate in its entirety. It requires a lot of patience and the proper treatment to get rid of such annoying evil. In the blog I have advice and other remedies to combat this problem. However, today I want to share with you a recipe that I am sure will change your life forever. Well, your life is not, that of your skin. It’s about preparing your own activated charcoal liquid soap at home. Below I detail your benefits and how you should use it.

What is the activated charcoal liquid soap for?

For some time now, activated charcoal has become present in the world of beauty and is stepping hard. –

This ingredient can be found in both skin care and skin care products. It is very common to see it in masks for the face or in liquid soap and conditioners. Even, there are those who use it to whiten teeth. No wonder, some of the properties of activated charcoal are to detoxify and purify.

This ingredient also serves to invigorate and deeply clean the pores of the skin. I dare to assure you that there is no product on the market that offers a deeper cleaning like activated charcoal. Of course, you should keep in mind that we are talking about the medical version of this ingredient. It’s not about the charcoal we use to grill on Sundays with the family. So if you were thinking of giving extra use to the bag of coal your husband has bought for the weekend barbecue, eliminate it from your thinking.

Author: Richard Brown

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