Are your clothes talking about you?

In today’s society we can become preoccupied with having the latest most fashionable items and many people find that they have Fitted Wardrobes Hampshire designed and fitted by that are bursting to the seams with clothes that they have probably only worn once and in some cases that still have the sale tags on them. We have become obsessed with things. But what is interesting is that we don’t always think about what our clothing is saying about us. Not that our clothes all get together in the wardrobe and discuss our taste in men but simply that much like our subconscious body language, our clothes give off certain impressions about our personality, mood and even our work status.

There have been many interesting studies that have been carried out looking at the way that people are dressed and then the way that they are treated, as well as the presumptions that we make about them. Clothing can not only help you to feel more confident but can also influence the outcome of a job interview and also your dating prospects.

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For example, white coats can stimulate a sense of authority and trust when accompanied by the surroundings of a doctor’s surgery or hospital, but the same environment and clothing can trigger a condition known as ‘whitecoat syndrome’ which is where people can become distressed and even increase their blood pressure when talking to a doctor. Also, if you take the person in the white coat away from the surroundings of a hospital and place them in a domestic environment people will assume that they work as a painter and decorator.

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The same can be said for suits. We automatically assume that someone wearing a suit occupies a high-status position within their work place and we naturally start to assume that they know what they are talking about and will trust them on their advice. This is why bank managers and staff and mortgage advisors will always be seen wearing suits as well as other professions such as consultant surgeons and teachers. Although there is a fine line between displaying this sense of authority and wanting to be relate to the people that you are talking to, which is why in the teaching profession you will find a mixture of people wearing suits and those in more casual but equally professional clothing. This is because they want to be more relatable and approachable to the students that are in their care.

Author: Richard Brown

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