Displays of some beautiful architecture in Bath

A walk around the city of Bath will show you some incredible architecture and in particular architecture from the Georgian period. This is prevalent in the central area of Bath and cover buildings in the Royal Crescent, the Circus and even the Theatre Royal. If you are looking for a property within the Bath area it is worth taking a look at pritchards-bath.co.uk who are Bath Estate Agents and they will be able to find the perfect property for you.

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The popularity of the Georgian architectural style came out of the Palladian style which had been incredibly popular in the early part of the 18th Century.  There are many examples that can be viewed in this picturesque city. Here are some of the best parts. One thing to remember about bath is that many of the features are just facades using the local stone. Behind the stone work there is usually just a standard dwelling. The surface is everything, as the Palladian look was used to bring in visitors to the city. Bath, even since its pre-Roman era, has relied on tourists for its famous spring water.

Probably the best example of the Palladian style is the Royal Crescent. This much photographed beauty is a lasting example of the style remaining in use. It has been a much copied and influenced design, but it is only the frontages that are Palladian. Behind them, the owners could build what they like, and the rear is a hodgepodge of dwelling types.

Another prime example of the Palladian style is the landscape garden and house of Prior Park. This is slightly outside the city and the main draw is the wonderful Palladian bridge, one of only a few left in existence in the world. The house itself is another stunning example of the style and it is possible to spend a fair few hours wandering around the garden.

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One last example is the majestic Pulteney Bridge spanning the River Avon. This incredible structure, still in use as a road way creates an almost Venetian feel to the riverside. So,  a round of applause please for the architects John Wood, Elder and Younger for having the vision to lay out the designs for this very special city.

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