Double Glazing for Greenhouses: What You Need to Know

Can you use double glazing in a greenhouse? Deciding to add a greenhouse to your garden brings with it many options. Where shall it go? How big will it be? And importantly, what materials should you use? There are three main options. Single-pane glass, double-glazed glass or various plastic substitutes. Here we take a detailed look at the double glazing option and its benefits and uses.

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You might think that double glazing is only for the bay windows in your house, but it is actually an excellent long-term investment for your greenhouse. The placement of your greenhouse depends on your garden, your geographical location and the best light options available to you. If your greenhouse is to be a permanent structure, then double glazing would be the most sensible and aesthetically pleasing option.


Double-glazed glass panes at the point of investment are the more expensive option. But in the long term, they are the most efficient and will cut the cost of heating your greenhouse in half. Double-glazed panes are much better for growing all year round, as it will contain and maintain heat better than single-pane glass or plastics. If you buy your double glazing new for your greenhouse, you can choose an option which has a reflective coating on the inside of the glass. This reflects heat and light into the greenhouse, making it even more efficient.

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If double glazing sounds like the right choice for your greenhouse, which is to be a permanent structure in your garden, but you are put off by the initial outlay and costs, then upcycling might be the option for you. You might be getting new house windows from someone like, and that glass could be upcycled into your new greenhouse. Speak to your glazier when you get quotes for your new house windows about turning the old double glazing into your new greenhouse.

Building a greenhouse might seem like a big job, but in the long term you could be growing all year round, sowing seeds earlier and maintaining your crops through the harshest of winters. Whether you upcycle or buy new, a double-glazed greenhouse will have you living the good life in no time.

Author: Richard Brown

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