How Software Is Helping with Property Inventories

Software for business goes far beyond performing dedicated tasks. Vendors now offer software packages that provide a holistic solution, helping businesses run everything from tracking new customers to submitting accounts. Businesses now benefit from software that either does everything or integrates existing software to improve efficiency. The property management business is no exception.

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The importance of customer satisfaction is well known. With a good inventory management system you can keep better control over your assets and improve efficiency, supporting your commitment to ensuring that tenants’ concerns are addressed in a timely and transparent manner.

Reporting and Analytics

Every inspection will produce a list of replacements or repairs that need to be carried out. Analytics will help determine their cost and frequency over time so that you can manage your cash flow more efficiently.

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Business Integration

Whatever line of property management you’re in, the flexibility in inventory software means that you can integrate it into every part of your business. Staff can use the same software for their respective roles and as a result share information on bookings, suppliers, scheduled maintenance, financial aspects, invoicing and more.

Paperless Process

Property inspection software apps mean that landlord and tenant can sign as soon as the inspection is complete. This eliminates the chance of disputes later on. Not only that, a paper-free process reduces expenses on paper and storage space.

On-Site Automation

A common useful feature of property inventory software apps is the ability to customise pre-loaded checklists, where a user can ‘build’ the property they need to inspect by adding or removing rooms. Some property investment software, provided by vendors such as, will take and transcribe from voice input, saving time while you inspect the property and its contents.

Following the inspection, the software can then be accessed from a desktop browser, where the report can be fine-tuned, with attachments and photos uploaded where necessary, and presented in a professional branded format.

A robust and versatile inventory software system is essential in today’s highly regulated property letting environment to help avoid the pitfalls that come with managing properties. Whether it’s a house, flat, hotel or an industrial property, making the most of the software available can help landlords maintain a good relationship with their tenants by providing an efficient inventory and maintenance service.

Author: Richard Brown

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